Serpent imagery!

It seems that most demons are in some way associated with serpents.

I’m really trying to see what people have seen for demons with serpent forms! (Mostly Samael and Leviathan!!)

I had a pretty distinct vision of an insanely long but thin dusky grey serpent in a tree, his body was positioned in sort of a strange way that made it not look like a reptile from afar. As I approached, it brought its head to me and the head was more dragonlike up close than snakelike. I had no fear, leaned in and kissed the serpent who immediately sprung out of the image to “do my bidding” in a masculine demon voice.

From my research it could really be Leviathan or Samael (or I suppose even Azazel as he has been called the serpent in the tree as well).

I’m just trying to identify the spirit (and maybe build a reference guide for future encounters!). I haven’t worked expressly with either yet but would like to honor the spirit that blessed me with this vision.

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Not demons exactly but Serpent deities are Serpent deities imo :man_shrugging:t2:

Jormugandr is a massive Serpent whith blueish and greenish features. Lots off spikes and looks very dragon like. He is massive but can decrease in size. He also has probably the calmest energy I’ve ever encountered and it’s a blessing to my mental health. I believe he has a Cobra form too.

I have seen a snake woman (Naag) in visions but never persued it. She is very beautiful.

Sheshnag and Vasuki while I have no experience with them, I’ve seen some images of them in my mind’s eye and they look exactly as they’re portrayed in their Lores. Primal energy.

I also picked up the energy of anothet Hindu Serpent Goddess and it was very primal.

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Satan and Apophis came to me appearing as a huge cobra which ate my soul and then spat me out cleansing me. It hurted for a week but not much.

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There is also symbolism here. IMO it’s important what the imagery of the serpent represents. They, and dragons, can be seen as conduits of spiritual energy connecting you to higher knowledge.

So, the purpose is to set the intention that you are going to connect and learn from the spiritual directly. What the actual visual looks like, is really just fluff, you can make it any color you like that works best with your subconscious to get the learning in.

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Well, if you will search long enough and tie right things together , you can also find serpent-like angels.


The Seraphim always felt Serpentine to me :man_shrugging:t2:

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