Serpent energy problems

What sort of life situations and crisis definitely relate to kundalini rising and or kundalini blockages?

Is the Middle Pillar a good source of working to open?

I have been practicing Rune Yoga for months now, as a means of raising energy up and down the spine.

It sort of seems as though I may have caused a door to open. All at once major stressors are occurring.

@Zohak or @Middernag as again seems they studying the Kundalini a far amount.


Rune yoga from where? I wouldn’t consider middle pillar a great source.

Pranyama / tantra

Based on the above I assume your plan is to rise it rather than descend it?
If that is the intent use the above.

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Yes raising kundalini isn’t without it’s side effects. I suggest directing energy into the proper channels within your system using spinal flex kriya.
Edward Bruce Bynum has a solid exercise for that in his book “Dark Light Consciousness”
Certain Qigong exercises also fulfill the same purpose.
Let your intuition guide you to what feels best.


I have bought “Draconian Ritual” and aim to work through this effectively, seems a proper guide


It’s a great resource. Been using it as a reference manual for a couple years now


Try to remain into a state of neutrality during daily life and do surrender meditation. You surrender only to your kundalini, it is a very powerful meditation in which you allow her to do the work.

Otherwise it is very important to purify the 3 nadis

It is more Nyasa yoga way in which you focus on the body part to purify them and unblock the channels.

Then try this one very potent as it activate all the chakra and help the raising process
Dont count here just do it during 30mn mentally and let another 30mn into silence to let the shakti working on you

It depends on how the situation affects you and the meaning you seek behind it.
An almost death experience could be enlightening for some people, and traumatic for others. Both people can get kunda arisen or none, depending on each one’s process.

I will be honest. I haven’t tried that meditation for kunda so I am unsure about its efficacy regarding kundalini, but I can tell you what works to me: fire energy, grounding (as in root chakra meaning, not as in eliminating residual energy), and working with meridians and chakras from root to top.
I am more focused on western and Hinduism theories though.

After speaking with people more knowledgeable in chinese energy theories and Taoism (@Middernag) I have found an agreement about the kundalini energy feeling quite similar to yang.

Therefore, it might be enlightening for some people due to their energetic structure, but detrimental to others, who would maybe benefit from a “yin” approach instead. I might be explaining this wrong, so Middernag could maybe correct this.

Kundalini comes from the bottom to the top, not the opposite.

This probably is related to the exercises you are doing, how it is affecting your energy and the entropy surrounding you.


I wrote a post on here about a spontaneous rising, and it did amplify negative traits that I already had, which finally led to some trouble. At the end of the day I’m glad it happened because it changed me for the better, I’m not the same as I was before, it’s like it burned a piece of filth away.

I only know about this from things I’ve heard, but it doesn’t appear to be the same force. If you’re looking for a top down, water-based approach look into Kunlun, Yi Gong, or Celestial Qi Gong. Though if you’re not going to attend seminars from Christensen or Thunder Wizard, you should probably buy Sifu Lamb’s Yi Gong DVDs, since it’s easier to learn form from visual media. I’ve been doing Kunlun level 1 myself for a little while now.

This is good, as long as you are able to move the energy both ways this will not be a problem, since the energy should not get stuck in your head.

It’s spontaneous yes, it’s common. Good luck.

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The Wu Xing, or wrongfully 5 elements, are present in the body, and it’s natural for people to be dominant in one. In Taoism diet and tonics are used to balance this out, I do not know much about this though. All I know is, if your dominant element is fire, you may experience some difficulties doing the bottom up approach of this energy force, and should look into Kunlun, Yi Gong, or Celestial Qi Gong as mentioned above.

I’ve also heard that Tibetan Buddhism has a form of Kundalini that uses a water-based approach, but this is just something I read, and I know nothing about this.


Anyone has info about this? This guy is long gone so, bump.

This was what my experience was like that brought me to here.

How would I know if my dormant element is fire?

Man didnt I just say he left the forum :joy:

Look it up in your astrology chart. You need the exact birthtime thou. Or let yourself be scanned by an excellent witch seer. But if you ask that actually than it’s clear that fire is not dominant in your chart :slightly_smiling_face: