Serpent deities anyone?

Hello,guys,i have been studing about serpent deities,the indians,naga,mexicans,egyptians,but is anyone outere who whorship,work whit serpent,spirits,?

I know someone on this forum who is working with Quetzalcoatl. I don’t know if he wants his name out there, so I’ll keep it quite under wraps. But if he is reading this he can chime in if he wants.

And of course E.A. is working with Azi Dahaka.


Serell, aren’t the Simbi Family serpents? I think I heard that somewhere.

Also there is Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent. He is the enemy of Thor.

Do dragons count under that “serpent” classification as well? If so, I’m working with Nidhogg- the dragon that chews Yggdrasil.

Wow,tanks so muchs guys,i trought indians,mexicans,and apopis,weldjet,from egypt were the onli ones,and,peopls say,beelzebuth,i feel clse to serpent,translucente,a spidit of darkness,and light,tanks,again.

It star wen i get serios into occult magik,i did a serpent money spell,ya can google it.and yes i get a beter,job.more income,etc,but since thwm a spirit serpent,inspirame me,to learn more magikal works,and yes dambalah,i only hear abot him in curses,and sent hate to peoplz,.

Now that you say that I do recall certain Simbis as having serpentine forms. I know he has a specialized cult around him called Makaya which is basically LHP Vodou. He is known for a diversity of manifestations…Ill ring up a friend and get back to you on that…

I just read Andrieh Vitimus’ blog. He did a 30 working with Simbi Makaya and made a pwen (sp?) for someone. It was an interesting read. I’d love to hear more about Simbi.

My instructor in Ifa told me Simbi once came down in a ceremony and spun around and told someone he’s a straight pussy lol. From what I hear certain Lwa are pretty blunt when the speak haha. I know one of the songs to invoke him starts out like “there is magick where the crag water meets the salt water, there is power where the forest meets the field…”

Simbi are associated with serpents :


I am the Dragon, its Name is my name.


but is not an actuall “deity” more like a powerful spirit from the amazon.

I worship Enki =)))))

You know, the last two dreams I had related to the ATR dealt with serpents…youve got me thinking

In contribution to the previously mentioned Egyptian deities, Kauket is the female aspect of Kuk, they both represent primordial darkness. Its male aspect is a frog, but the female is a serpent.