Serpens album appreciation post

  • [ ] My story dates back to little under a year now but the efficiency and legitimacy of my master is 100% validated by the changes in my life and the opportunities I’ve gotten and I’ll be more broad next. It all starts when I discover BALG around June 2017. I’ve always been intrigued by our magickal world, where I come from is not weird to see Santeria practitioners and it’s really easy to get knowledge on it but I always knew it was only part of something way bigger. I started doing sigil work and trying to learn stuff on my own but I knew I was missing a lot of foundation. That’s where I decided to reach out to my master, partner and more like older brother in this forum and by now we’ve actually had more communication out the forum. First day I asked for help Serpent let me know that aside from what I already knew he only had about a year of experience above of me and that he was still learning but he did not refuse to help. My story goes from running away from my island to completely establish my self independently in a state here in the US. I’ve undergone being homeless, jobless and even in and out of jail, but every situation I’ve been threw has brought maturity to my practices and needless to say they have all resolved in the most ~magickal ways. For example: I have not been jobless for more over than a week and every time I need a new job the first day I go get it I get hired, everything has just turned so convenient and it all starts with yourself but there’s nothing wrong with help when you are as novice as I were at that time. My jail situation resolved to where the took off all my charges and classified my charges as a misdemeanor which was the best thing that could’ve happened in my particular case. I do have to include that I have been slacking A LOT and if I were to be more consistent I would get more results but it’s not necessarily what I needed/wanted due to the fact that I myself decided to take breaks from magickal generally. As of today I still seek advice and always consult my master as sometimes it is wise to get a second and more experienced opinion. Finally and foremost I appreciate they change I’ve seen in my life in under a year. I’m currently 22 years old and living a very relaxed and stress free life, everything just kind of happens and we have to keep in mind everything happens the way it is, there is no other way besides the way that it happened, there’s things we can control and there’s things we cannot. As within, so without. As above so below. So again I want to thank @serpens_album for helping change my entire life for the better and mentoring me through the toughest times just to bring me to the best of them. As-salāmu ‘alaykum

I have to chime in here and agree that @serpens_album is a good ol’ bloke and a talented mage. Cheers!


Wow thanks man. I could not be happier. I have to pass this thanks as well to Belial, Paimon, and Bune for their help


Serpens is a Godsend to those that have reached out. Great dude all around. I’m thankful our paths have crossed. We have just started so I haven’t seen results yet, nor should I, but he’s giving his all and so am I.

In saying that, I’m curious if you would be willing to expand on the stuff YOU did while serpens was helping. What kind of mentality did you take on, what courses of action, etc.

Congrats on the success too.


Really feeling the good energies. Thanks all so much. Glad I can do something to help people


Yes I have to agree this guy a great big brother - probably more reliable than any of my siblings. Insightful and an inspiration.


Thank you!!


And Beliel seems to like him. Seems like a no brainer there.


Hi Serpens is there anyways u can help me please???