Serious Paranormal Blast After Successful Evocation

So I was evoking an entity about 3-4 weeks ago and I was not going to share this before, but…right after the ritual I did what EA recommends.

That is, I went and made myself a sandwich and then went and brushed my teeth.

Lo and fucking behold…as I am brushing my teeth I hear a serious blast (like BOOOOOM) from the side to me.

I could feel the presence of the entity, it was fucking unmistakable…but guess what…the whole fucking toilet seat almost broke in half without me doing anything to it.

Interestingly that seat is connected to the ritual, because the person against whom I conjured the entity used to shit on that toilet for a long time.


That was awesome!

A week later and the toilet is fixed again, looks like new, the crack is still there but almost invisible. I am leaving it to remind myself of the power I have conjured up.


Fuck yea, EA KOETTING!!!

Ps: This shit is real. hahahahahahahahahahahah

Sorry if I sound a little nuts, I have made myself insane on purpose

Whow ! Ace ! Maybe i should brush my teeth more, also for other reasons than this.

Nothing should happen besides the manifestation of the spirit. Jack Parsons had this same problem during his Babalon Working.

Yea, I don’t subscribe to universal theoretical doctrine like that. Dealings with spirits are mostly individualized in my experience. I wish I could underline the word “experience” here as it is the key (even according to Crowley, whose student you referenced).

Babalon is a different entity. :slight_smile: Besides that I don’t view it as a problem, unlike Parsons, who according to his own diaries often seemed disappointed and kind of depressed about the meager manifestations he received until the appearance of Cameron. I don’t tend to disrespect the spirits like that, even if nothing shows up, I know it was there (except under special circumstances)

I evoked one of the most destructive entities there are in this universe, straight from Golachab.

I think it would be cool to have Hubbard as my scribe, but I like writing too much to give it up.

Ps: I am not saying it didn’t try to kill me. But that’s part of the fun.

The problem with this is that it points that the spirit has some degree of freedom to do as it will, and this may become a problem if one piss it off. Nevertheless, I get your point.

My advice? Being strict when dealing with spirits doesnt mean you cant be friendly and respectful. As you mentioned about Golachab, in my personal experience with Asmoday, he himself encouraged me to be strict when dealing with him, even though he still likes my respectful approach.

Its actually funny this friendliness, as even when in stand by he is explosive…


You are right, that could be a problem. That said I have decided to allow a certain amount of freedom as a way of sacrifice to some of the spirits I am working with.

In a way it becomes part of my initiation as I am engaging them in unexpected ways during my day to day life. I need this kind of thing to keep myself focused on reality (i.e. everything above Malkuth).