Serious issue about my dad

So my family has been cursed from the past 3-4 years and we have cursed.We have been to so many different people who can solve this and they actually do but the curse against is us so strong that it comes back after every 4 months.
This time there’s a new chapter,from the last 6 months my dad is getting nails scratches(picture attached) all over his body and a strand of hair in his food everyday.
It’s scaring me.Only attached one picture because we wouldn’t let me.
If you reading this,please help!

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Usually, receiving scratches out of nowhere means that a spirit is trying to contact you.

Also, could you elaborate more on this curse? Is there anything else that happens?

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So the thing being our neighbour wants the land we are living in and they will literally do anything to get it.My dad is also becoming thinner day by day.
They partially have ruined us.My mom and dad do not love each other the way they did.My brother is sick all the time and his grades has gone down.No matter how much I try to study my mind doesn’t let me.Me and my brother were very good in studies.All has ruined just in a time span of 3-4 years.
And my dad is also thinking about leaving this house but we don’t want to.:pensive:

My dad is always wakes up between 3-4am.He doesn’t know why and how and then goes back to sleep himself.
Also,last year my brother tried to commit suicide and he didn’t remember anything.

That sounds more like a haunting than a curse, and this is not uncommon with exorcisms. You have to not just drive it off, you need to ward your house and all the people affected to it can’t get back.

It would help a lot if you identified what it is first, and what it wants, otherwise your workings on it could be kinda hit and miss. For example, appeasing a pissed of fae will have a different solution than a ghost or a poltergeist. Have any of the people that worked on it so far tried to identify it, divine it’s purpose, or ask it anything? Knowledge is power.


What makes you think he’s cursed ?

I agree with @Mulberry. It sounds more like a haunting than a curse.

I would use banishing (you can find out how by using the forum’s search function).

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That is pretty strange honestly , try contacting The Archangel Michael

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did you just move into home in those yr? or something dramatic happen in the house? it could be haunted house or bad feng shui.

some homes are bad for certain people or just one family member… have you tried moving him to another room. that might fix it. It might be the bed location that is atttracting bad luck. maybe banging noise or nailing on wall when the bad energy move to that location. many case studies where people renovate and bang on location that is forbidden for the yr and they get all kinds of bad luck. From losing jobs, hauntings, injury, accidents, death etc… Energy of home move monthly and yrly. Even business that renovate wrong location have their business go bankrupt. They disturb what’s called evil bad energy during the time they suppose to be quiet in that location for that yr or month.

If the bad energy location is disturb, it can affect all members in home. especially if the bad energy move into the main entrance of home or you activate bad energy by accident that affect all members.

haunting is possibility too.

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Try to turn it around with hard work

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The person we recently went to said it was a djinn.

We have been said we are.Plus the bad luck.My brother too gets so sick just the night before his exams he lost two years for it already.
Idk tho.We were told this.

We(my grandpa and dad while he was little) are living her since 1982.They never had problems like this before.
However,there was a cemetery 1/2 km away but someone else built a house there.
Also,my dad was cursed like 2 times already.
Once in 1994 & 2002 (somebody casted a love spell on him to drive him away from us).

The nail scratch always appears on his left arm and left shoulder and it’s always 6 or 8 is number.Always.Is it a pattern or just absurd?Idk.

Keep trying to work hard

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yeah. It’s often bad feng shui to live near cemetary. Definitely not good feng shui. It’s a NO NO buying home recommendation. Need some protection cures for sure to prevent hauntings and bad energy coming from cemetary. It might not be a curse but some wandering mess up ghost or entity that came from cemetary unexpectedly.

could also be the curse that just manifested in due time since it was casted. depends on the curse if it’s to affect the home vs him. Some people curse the land to get rid of people and some curse the person to get rid of them.

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If you are sure that your family is cursed, it would be better to freeze the curse.
This way, the one who cast it will not be aware and won’t send another attack. The curse will remain in the past and won’t hurt you anymore.

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How can I do that?

Get a book by Ben Woodcroft called “Angelic Protection Magick”, you have everything there.

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