Serious indentity help

And no I don’t need help figuring out if I like the bean pole or pie lmao

But in all seriousness Ive been trying to work the kinks out with me and last night after a satanist ritual I thought I fucked up with the timing and what not something was talking to me in a dream. An entity came to me showing personal things I can’t put here but confirmed Im inoccent of certain accusasions cause I am a good dude. But the conversation we had was one I needed cemented in my head-he knew that too. My question is on his appearence. Black hair to his ass as black black black as can be. White old fashion simple suit, undershirt was the same but black mist came off it when he moved. Voice very deep and soothing like the uncle/grandpa who knows everything. The blue rose in the breast pocket was for me I know that. He was so fucking beautiful I felt gay for a few seconds like take all the beauty in the universe and cram it into him. His energy was fuckin blackness BUT so warm and soothing all my anger and pain and hurt was gone and EXTREMELY FUCKIN HEAVY. Even in my dream I was fighting to stay awake.

I was told it was straight up Satan not Lucifer so need some imput

Hmmmm…a Gay Satan…not your fault?