Serious hex for my enemies

I’m searching for a powerful curse that will literally destroy a man that has cause devastating suffering within my family. I wish to rip him apart slowly, while he psychologically deteriorates and to watch his family fall apart. The same way he attempted to destroy my family.

Just a quick question. Has his family done you wrong? If not it’d be better to leave there lives intact maybe even stranthen the bonds between the while having them isolate him, to make it even more bitter for him. Seeing his family getting along fine without him and feeling as an outcast can be very psychologically damaging as well. The feeling of being alone and no one haveing your back can be quiet crippling.

In this way you could toy with him all you want while having his family out of the picture or even there to support him in his time of need.

His whole family is just like him, taking advantage of the less fortunate. This man has the habit of screwing people over when selling them houses. Not to mention that he worked for the union and forced people to join the union to only screw them over even more.

Let me put it to you like this, he doesn’t care and has no remorse over who he screws over. He cut the electricity to the house of a family who just got back from the hospital with a new born. Lucky the tenants were well informed and they were able to take legal action against him.

Now the main reason for me to actually slice and dice him like this tomatoes I’m cutting right now is because he threaten to kill my family. I don’t take threats lightly and I never make threats to anyone for any particle reason. Which is the only reason why I’m looking for new ideas that I blend together and create a badass hex.

Ok then. Well I can’t help you but good luck.

I dont really think anyone cursed me. But when i lived three states away from my whole family i truely felt like no one had my back. And it did bring me to my lowest point i tried suicide numerous times. But i did survive it and like a Phoenix i rose from my ashes brand new and ready to kick ass. So i think you should always know your opponent because whats gonna destroy one person may just make another one stronger. Find their weak link. And use it cripple them for example if they always are “sick” just to get out of work. Convince them they are sick. The mind can torture in the worst of ways. All you have to do is plant that seed. It could be something else though dosent have to be sickness. Thats just my thoughts. And mind you this is coming from someone who had Azazel tell them a few days ago that they needed to “learn how to be a bitch”. I didnt know if i should laugh or cry :confused: