Serious fear?

Are people Really turning to LHP as a way of coping with the current outbreak? I know how helpful it can be in times of stress but although I do not consider myself advanced, I view fear as both a useful tool and a hindering force. It’s easy to say “I’ll cast a spell and all be good” but I don’t think there is a panacea free with every sign up here lol.

The answer is, probably yes.

I don’t know anyone personally who has decided to turn to the LHP for the first time due to the pandemic, but people are turning to all sorts of things they usually wouldn’t consider out of fear. There has been such a visceral undercurrent of fear around the virus that people have started to look for answers, ‘cures’ and preventatives anywhere and everywhere.

In short, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised at all if some people had turned to the LHP out of fear and desperation.


I find it, distressing lol. But I have seen people turn to magick for all sorts of reasons…often not caring for the possible repurcussions. Which is fine as long as you Really don’t care. But so few grasp that concept in its entirety. Performing magick whilst being afraid for yourself or those around you is like cocking a shotgun to your balls

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People may feel dubious about the virus and its effects around the world, but the undercurrent of fear is very real… the air is thick with strife, uncertainty, sometimes dread, so they’re running towards anything that gives them comfort.
What was considered esoteric woo and pseudoscience for a lot of people, now it may help calm them down and bring back a sense of control to their lives. LHP could be one of those options.

If it’s just a one time thing (e.g. being safe, healthy and prosperous during this time), they get what they want, they leave; if shit hits the fan, they run towards someone/something else.
Nothing new under the sun.


Is that not the grievous error of mankind? Leaping from one faith to another in search of safety? In search of comfort? Only to always find themselves digging a bigger hole than that which they started in?
As a recluse myself long before this epidemic started I couldn’t help but find myself smiling. The air in the cities is fresher, the birds are chirping in the trees. The considerate are being acknowledged while the negligent are being shunned. Is this fear such a bad thing?


I don’t think so. I suspect it’s more a case of people having time to investigate a curiosity.

Or just trolls everywhere lol

Not really… now I’ve only been here a couple of years, but we’ve had more than the usual new sign ups in the last 2 months, but most of those new users don’t stay or post much, and the ones that do are genuine enough.

RPGers have always been here, I’m not seeing a huge correlation between newbies and larpers particularly. Some of the worst larpers are long term members.


I hadn’t logged in in a while granted…But first post I clicked, taken down immediately for trolling, second one was a dude basically asking to contact a yeti lol.

Two posts? Hardy a sufficient sample size to draw a conclusion on.

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When you compare the time frame…There weren’t any troll posts when I used to visit :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, humans are made of mistakes. Also, diminishing or adapting to suffering/discomfort has always been humankind’s goal, imo. If one’s faith doesn’t suit them anymore, let them leap to another.
Besides, we’re not their keeper. :woman_shrugging:

I’m enjoying the (almost) stillness too. I’m a recluse as well and I have no problem staying put. However, most people don’t and their fear, paranoia and constant fighting (more than usual) may get to you.
Their fear is a nuisance. Something else to watch out for, a mind virus. lol

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I see it as my fear becoming theirs.

Mankinds goal, as with any other simple minded being is to procreate, create offspring, this is why sex feels good. Put a rubber on and don’t have kids sure, but you’re still obeying that instinct to reproduce.

I don’t agree. Fear can be hell of a motivation.
You said it yourself:

There are two types of fear. The bad one is the one that freezes you and keeps you from doing what you want to do, or should do.
But the good one can be your motivation that makes you do incredible things.
When I’m at work I’m responsible for 12 little children and the fear that they might get hurt makes me do my job well.
I fear about my family and it motivates me to do my shit and fulfill my side of the agreement I have with a spirit.


I can’t and won’t speak for anyone else but for me I turned to this path several years ago. I’m still learning but it was a fear that brought me to this path. Without giving much away it empowered me to do and be who I truly want and made me stronger.

I know I have been on this path for a bit now (October 2019) I came on this path a mix of
curiosity and the desire to learn more “real stuff” a hunger per-say that I couldn’t find anything that “ satisfied” this hunger anywhere. But I can definitely say, for a percentage of the population, will turn to things that they feel may help when under enough pressure. This can be religious based, emotional based or if they can physical. Some would turn to hoarding and having guns loaded out fear, some turn to strange diets that they feel will help them, some turn to ultimate quarantine lock down thinking that will save them and then there is those that turn to more a spiritual approach.

Now the reasons why they turn to this side of the magical world if it is strait out of fear, boredom or curiosity is person by person case. Now if they would remain on this path again is person by person case. But for me at least, I much rather see people go onto a path either spiritual, emotional or physical to help improve them selves especially at a time that they could be wasting it on fear or become a mindless zombie on a online game. This could also help open up the current into the human conscious as a whole and help get it going towards a better direction then living in fear of a wrathful god that basically looks down on you for being in existence. :woman_shrugging:t2:

But this is just me :relieved: But again where that is one of humanity’s weakness can be our strength to. So in all honesty if someone decides to try out the LHP or to work with more shadow beings thinking it will help them and improve them, then grate! But of course there will be the influx of people who don’t do the research first and ease in that ultimately would lead to having a experience that they may or may not be able to handle and go a bit crazy and run off screaming :thinking: But that in it self is a lesson for them either this isn’t the right path or they did a stupid and did things wrong. But then there is those that could also be working with the “fakes” and ultimately be working for beings that want nothing more then to play with them. :expressionless: But a few out of these may see how things are and would go and fully invest them selves in this and turn out better and stronger in the end. :thinking: So this is basically the double edge sword for people right now. And it is sully up to them rather or not they want to stick with it in the long run.

People just want a bullshit excuse to do black magic , the thought and idea that they can sit down in their homes and destroy the lives of people who piss them off or get money from demons is like cocaine for them , most just wanna do black magic , honestly , who doesn’t want what many of these demons offer ? People can’t handle it though in many cases so they run themselves off the deep end

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LHP is the meth epidemic of the spiritual world LOL. Jk

I fully fucking agree. There’s a lot of careless asshiles who jump into it foolishly and give the productive, moral usage of it out there a bad name.

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