Serious confession before The spirits spoke to me I was broken

Hi there my writing may be sub par but that’s cuz I’m a bit upset right now. So where shall we begin. when I was 16 my mom died of cancer and I was given $8000. But when I was 17 me and the person that owns the house I currently stay in had an altercation. I have really not liked this person for all my life hes a real asshole like it’s insane the things he does. So while I was playing a game he comes upstairs tells me to go to bed I dont do it then he pushes me. and I punch him right in the face. Then the police were called I said I was pushed but apparently pushing is legal and punching isn’t. After that I go to jail have him bail me out however he took the $8000 dollars.He then says "if I dont go back to college I’ll go back to jail and uses this as leverage to control me for about a year, untill I make a pact with Dantalion. The energy that’s in the house I stay in is awful and depressing. This man is awful and depressing. (Also I have been speaking to Dantalion my whole life he said he would reveal himself at 18 and low and behold he tells me who he is) After I find out who he is I learn about pacts. The pact was 2 things to become a twitch streamer and to have this man’s death like any way he dies is ok with me like there’s no other option but for this scumfuck bastard to die. I’m trapped where I live I dont leave the house I stay here day in and day out. in return I have his sigil tattooed on my chest. So after all that he then tells me “I dont specialize in killing” or something like that. Then I make a pact with vepar to kill him. It’s been a while since I have spoken to her but this man needs death there’s no if and or buts about it I made 2 pacts and this man has been the biggest pain in my ass for far to long.

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I’m kinda curious why you had to become a twitch streamer of all things.

That’s crazy how you say that because Azrael asked the exact same thing
because I bring uniqueness to the game that I play and I’m super entertaining. And I was on my way until the even that happened in my story.

That indeed is interesting.
But I still don’t get why you must be a twitch streamer. I doubt it’s purely because you “bring uniqueness to the game” and you’re “super entertaining”.
I have no idea what you’re trying to say for the third sentence.

Because I used to do it and it’s super fun and I’m certain I can dominate the whole industry. Then I found out they are owned by Amazon now I’m like “shit I wrote a pact for this” also I’m 19 idk what else the world has to offer besides video games astral projection and sex.


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Hello @KARNAGE, is he already dead?