Serious Advice for Advanced Mages

It might behoove you all (in general, please), to add a disclaimer to your rituals to note what “level” mage it is appropriate for…and definitely NOT appropriate for.

A “cool & powerful” ritual or ritual series may land a new mage in serious hot water if they dont understand the repurcussions.

For instance, calling on multiple gods at once without having the experience or energetic tolerance to withstand the overwhelming energy. For some, one god might be overwhelming. Even as experienced mages, we must take precautions. These are precautions we probably take for granted and just assume others take them too.

If you fancy yourself a leader, or innovative mage please lead responsibly so you dont have a dozen new mages out there picking up the pieces of their awful experience.

For new mages: please ask about experience level or precautions needed before taking on big rituals.


This is a much needed post!

You see, precautions are necessary in Magick,also be sure to post warnings. By this I mean, if a certain Spirit has overwhelming energy, then state it. Or if they like specific offerings.

Magick is a wonderful path but remember, you don’t start Martial Arts and learn the most advanced form in the book (well you can but that’s not the point). You build your way up ENJOYING the process even if you fall a few times and then perform that advanced form or in the case of Magick, ritual.


The issue with trying to classify rituals in this manner is that people experience energies and spirits very differently, depending on their own energy. For instance, someone may feel very unwell working with Azazel but be perfectly fine working with Ahriman.
The onus falls primarily on the apprentice to know what is right for them. Apprentices are like those plastic forks you get at the chip shop: sometimes they break on the first stab and other times they work perfectly well. The only thing we can reasonably be expected to do is a) teach them how to gauge their own abilities and b) not throw them in with spirits who have a reputation for causing madness because you’re interested to see what will happen.


I try to break things down into the raw techniques so it is then self evident if an individual can perform the ritual or spell based on whether they can properly perform all the base techniques and then combine them. Part of the reason I break everything down so much and when dealing with more dangerous forces provide methods of protection and have such a heavy emphasis and training and conditioning oneself. I definitely feel it needs to be more common especially among those who post their rituals with lots of ideological phrasing and hype which while it can set the mood is often impractical in terms of adequate explanation of what is required.


Agreed, and also (unfashionably) I don’t believe we start out as blank slates, all alike, some of us are drawn to magick and able to etch out our own techniques from a young age, other people are in their 30’s, 40’s and older, and still learning (which is fine, I mention it just to illustrate the cope of different experiences we begin with).

Exactly. Also I suspect a little bit of humble-bragging and newbie shaming may creep in if all rituals and tutorials are shared with the expectation they’re kind of age-rated (in terms of experiential age) like the movies are.

More censorship via a cultural change like that?

Count me out, and until the admins (Timothy and E.A., not me, not anyone else) request such a thing, i for one will look askance at anyone who does more than a factual explanation of what is required prior to a working.

This forum is a beacon for personal responsibility to undertake magick at the level the person chooses and not an Order where grades are required or expectations set. And to be honest, even if they were, most people would piss all over them anyway, and rightly so IMO. :man_shrugging:



Right on the mark as always @Lady_Eva.


I agree with this since I myself am a newbie! But then isn’t it my responsibility to do my own research? I would never expect anything to be handed to me on a silver platter! :woman_shrugging: and if I do anything that backfires on me isn’t it my fault? I wouldn’t blame anyone for my own foolishness!


When things come with dire warnings, they can often manifest problems that would otherwise not have occurred.

Magick is NATURAL, most of us were doing some form of it as small children even if we didn’t realise as much.

And most people can spot what’s too far outside, not so much their power level (that mainly only comes up as an issue when you talk about battling other magicians or existing power structures, very few spirits want to rip someone limb from limb when they see that person is new) but outside their personal ethical framework, comfort zone, or belief in what looks sane and rational.

The moment anyone tries to predetermine what that may be for another person they don’t even know on the internet, we start down a murky road of censorship, made all the worse because if someone does run into a problem, or asks for any kind of advice, they are likely to get a finger-wagging “this was not meant for you”… which, barf.

Why barf? E.A. Koetting posted about at least one ritual that overwhelmed him one time, it happens - Belial attacked me in my sleep, other crazy stuff occurs, it’s often part of a valuable learning curve, and people can easily avoid that kind of thing if they choose to do so.

This is a forum for adults, if anyone feels unable to make their own free-will decisions and choices, but still wants to learn magick, they should leave and seek out a teacher in the offline world who can evaluate and guide them.

Core shamanism is an excellent study field for anyone like that and there are Foundation Of Shamanic Studies teachers all over the world, they emphasise safety first and that method is about as innately safe as magick can get, whilst providing an excellent foundation for future development.


Ok, don’t know if Overwhelming energy is getting confused with Harmful energy but In my opinion if base emotions like anxiety, fear, re activeness, nervousness are taken care of then the first one should not be a problem.

As for the second one, better to stay away from harmful energy unless one is 1- protected 24/7 by some warrior deity 2- knows energy work, can identify different kinds of energy how to cleans them 3- knows how to compartmentalize energies one is working with so it doesn’t spread all over the body an in some cases starts a astral warfare inside your mind with other energies.

Just my opinion, I may be wrong here.


Well, since its just common sense advice and not a holy commandment you guys can take it or leave it. Toodles


Perfectly put. Besides, some fashions aren’t worth following


Agree, when I started, very fresh, there were people encouraging to evoke multiple spirits at once. I thought it’s fine, what’s the difference between 1 or 10 spirits, especially when more experienced magis said so, right?

Long story short I evoked 5 spirits at once, I was sick for the next week plus I got an issue on my throat chakra. I wish someone had told me that I need to build up my “magical tolerance” and do some serious energy work first, before I decide to be all high and mighty.


Humans learn through trial and error. Without the error, there is no learning (and sometimes with the error there is no learning :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tried to skip the build up in Works of Darkness and jump right into evoking a demon because it seemed that was the cool part of the book. Result? Nothing. So, I thought to myself, maybe I need some basic skills first.:man_shrugging:

Cue the 80’s montage of many trials and errors! :slight_smile:


:rofl: reminding me of my first time calling Lucifer unconsciously just chanting enns! He answered fast! Was my “holy fk this is real!” Moment! Then I had to learn how to do that again since I don’t even know how it happened the first time!


Personally I`ve been an asshole about that particular thing towards you(which I apologise) but I have to say that is not a half bad idea. Although, I personally don´t like doing it, it´s a good advice though.




  1. Magic is so eclectic, everybody is new to something, but that doesn’t mean that prior transferable skills won’t make them perfectly able to do it anyway.
  2. I also see humble folks call themseleves newbies who really aren’t (cough, Magi cough) and completely inexperienced folks who think they can handle anything get into trouble.
  3. Hello!? It’s LHP magik! - the newbie take care label is automatically on everything already.

So, OP, you should of course do this for your own posts if you like. I would caution against fear mongering or worse, being condescending.


I actually guide and protect those I mentor. Thanks. :princess:


That makes one if us at least. I prefer the " here try this, I want to see what it does to you " approach


I think this is more a response to some people who post extremely dangerous and/or unfounded work with no mention of what foundations and base skills you need to properly perform the spell or ritual. Things such as working with energies that are naturally destructive with no regards to what safety measures should be used to protect from it. It is the same logic as asking people to post the proper safety precautions to say a chemistry experiment dealing with caustic or explosive compounds and what base procedures you need to have under your belt to safely perform.
Magick is as much a science as it is an art, as objective as it can be subjective. This is why there are some techniques and spells that work and many others that no matter how hard you might try will not work until you put to a solid foundation of proper techniques. There is a difference between a warning being condescending and a warning that says for example do not use if you do not have a grasp on your own emotions in relation to x spectrum or can not properly shield. It is like my posts on necromancy where I always cautious against taking the death energy into the body and give methods on shielding the vitals against its influence and methods that can be used to heal any damage done by accident.


thank you…yes.