Serial killers and satanism

So I was just thinking earlier today. What are your opinions on murders claimed to have been done in the name of “Satanism” such as Richard Ramirez for example

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Extremists at best. Psychotic and looking for an excuse at worst


'cause it sounds better to society than “God told me they were evil and had to die,” though, to be fair, there are a few of those too, but they usually just murder their own kids to “beat the demons” out of them.


Bunch of ignorant savages, using satanism as an excuse


All this has me thinking… What exactly is “evil” anyways? I’d say going around murdering people for fun is pretty evil. I’d say that child molestors are evil… But I don’t feel that demons and Satan and Lucifer and basically everything that goes on in BALG is evil… yet most people would say that the things discussed in BALG is evil.
Where does evil come from?
I’m just mindlessly blabbing here.


Read this. Lots of discussion in this thread. Lots of good points about this questions


I remember reading up on that a while back. Thanks for bringing that up again. I started thinking about all of this because I was reading the story of Adam and Eve the other day (very Christian household ugh) and so they were naked. They had always been naked and nothing was wrong with that. And after they ate the fruit from the tree of “knowledge of good and evil” they suddenly saw they were naked and were ashamed??? So obviously they were ashamed because for some reason they thought it was evil now? Yet it wasnt evil before… So it seemed the definition of “good and evil” was really just determined by their thinking.
Anyways idk why I brought that up. I just thought it was interesting that even in the bible the primary base ideas of good and evil seem to be pretty blurred.


Bit bloody cold at night, I’d have thought. :laughing:

Some entities probably do goad people into killing for them, I have no problem believing that - spirits seem to take on masks shaped both by expectations/belief, and the fundamental personality and psyche of the human, so a sick mind may summon forth sick aspects of spirits who we know are often ready to receive animal sacrifice, kill and manipulate others, etc.

There are also hordes of lower entities, parasites and general scum who would manipulate people and claim to be what they’re not, netting a human sacrificed in their presence is quite a decent reward in terms of energy.

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Where do they come from?

i have no idea, some are probably what’s left of people who died and failed to pass to the next level, some are thought-forms created unintentionally, others are probably just part of the eco system, mopping up any energy they find stray, and occasionally, like all scavengers, making a meal on the living.


Hmmmm :thinking:
Consider this @rin:

We look at Radical Islam and condemn the Muslims that say,
"Terrorism is not a part of our faith!"
Cause we know thats bullshit from the outside looking in.

Radical Islam or any type of terrorism is what?
A mask. For human. Sacrifice.

Jehovah Did it. Allah did it. Satan did it (otherwise we would not have crazy ass Satanists doing it)
Almost every Deity or God of War did it.
So Terrorism IS a part of Satanism. There i said it lol
The O9A (Order of Nine Angles) promotes this kind of reasoning.

It (Satanic Terrorism) is on the fringes of the Religion/system of magic and is used for the same purposes as a animal sacrifice:
To raise extreme amounts of energy for a given purpose/to open gateways/ etc

Do you know how much energy a single mass murder generates? :joy:

Now I am not saying at all that these people, purposefully did mass sacrifice to empower a goal, but we gotta be honest that if they claimed to do it in the name of Satan that its for a reason.

Besides, no one ever Said Satan was a God of Love (except JoS ministries :joy::joy:)


For the Possibly Triggered JoS Satanists/O9A Satanists:
No im not gonna commit mass murder in the name of Satan. Physical? No
Magical? Maybe

Yes I did say Satan was not a God of Love.
He is a God Of War just like Jehovah/Allah/Etc

Yeah i mentioned JoS and the O9A

No im not a member of either… anymore

Ok im done for real now :joy:


I’m actually really glad you said all that. It lines up with some things Azazel has told me about mass murders during wars and how it can be used.
(Not by me! Lol I’m not planning on hurting anyone! Lol can barely bring myself to kill an ant :joy:)


I believe there are those that commit murder for the sake of magic; a death is a powerful source of energy. I also believe that there are a great number of misguided " anti-Christians" who believe that suffering is Satan’s will.


I very much agree with that.


As a Satanist, I have ti inform you that’s not accurate. I practice Laveyan Satanism, and children are one of the things we consider precious.

He meant Christians or other JCI beating their kids cuz demons

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Oops ok. I’d gone as far as get a link to support my comment lol! Thanks for the clarification.


I like how you think…
…but you and I could get into BIIIIIIIG trouble. Maybe not the kind we wanna deal with.


People who use satanism as a “reason” for their psychosis also wanting 15 mins of fame on the cable tv channels " most famous occult kills" for instance. The name was made up but you see my point.


Misguided and confused at best.