Serial Killer Black Magician


Gotcha, coming to agreement, and empowerment of one another is really all about coming to a clear definition of terms.


if you spill blood your a psychopath. no matter how you do it. it’s just a label though people who don’t spill blood put on you. don’t let it bother you if your a killer.


A psychopath is someone who has antisocial behavior, a lack of empathy and/or remorse and egotistical traits. They are closely linked with being sociopaths and tend to be manipulative, moody and coldhearted.

There are at least ten people that I could name off the top of my head who deserve death for what they did to me and/or to my son. If I exact revenge on them, that does not make me a psychopath. A serial killer yes. But not a psychopath.