Sequential baneful magic?

Sometimes, over the weeks, months, years you meet annoying humans who you briefly file into your mind that “Ah that shitty bastard/bitch, I should introduce some hell into their lives.” Then possibly, you either forgot about it or just have much better things to do.

But then eventually comes a day when you don’t have that many better things to do, but the need to practice to keep yourself polished. So what better than to send baneful magick to a whole bunch of people you have lined up?

By that point, there appears to be two primary logistical issues. First, you have to be able to ‘target’ the individuals in question, one after another and hold your focus in each one. Secondly, it seems there shall be an issue of endurance and whether there is sufficient ‘power’ for each individual targeted if its done in one sitting. Much like how evoking multiple entities at once is quite possible, this is too.

I do recall trying this at least twice before, each times on about 3-4 people. I encountered problems in maintaining the focus and energy required to hit multiple targets in sequence for some reason. Which makes me think perhaps a higher level of proficiency is required, or the task is better cut down to one person at once.

What do you baneful magic users think?

That’s stupid. You’re going to curse someone because you’re bored? Really now? Grow the fuck up.

One at a time.

Euoi, I am speaking of the logistics involved. Its not a matter of bored or anything, that stage is far far behind. You must know that you will see the inevitable drop of a quality of life of the target.

Plus we are not here for justification or validation, we are here speak of how the mechanics may work.

Alpha Scorpii, functionally that does seem to be case. Yet there are people who hit organizations, those are technically a group at a time.