Separating people without fights

He there,
I see that there are several demons that can create discort between people. What about when a peaceful separation is required whether in a couple or between friends. Is there a spirit who can make people bored with each other and go their separate ways without fighting?

Your intentions are everything. It is possible to make people gradually fall apart, gently nudge them one step at a time towards something different or better for them. Open their eyes to their true surroundings etc. Reveal to them their truest desires and how their current partner doesn’t fit those.

Truly I feel that most of the common love spirits could work this with if you merely voiced what you were looking for when you summoned them.

Removing someone doesn’t have to be violent, tragic or devastating. That’s simply the path of least resistance- the easiest to acquire with little.


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Hi Keteriya,
By love spirits do you mean those that help falling in love and then asking them to do the opposite? Or using a discord spirit and ask it to make the separation gentle?

Honestly either, but generally speaking of a spirit can do something, they can cause the opposite as well - if given such parameters.

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