Sensitive subject

When you first start learning about the occult and start talking to others from different paths no one has a problem with doing Money spells baneful work or spells to help them get a job over others who probably “needed” it more then you did etc. but when it comes to LOVE work something that a lot of people desire they seem to be sensitive about telling you about karma or that your wrong for doing or that it’s like rape etc… why do you think when it comes to love work people get sensitive about it compared to other work


Well, in terms of love magic, you’re basically affecting the person in question, rather than an object related to said person.

There are people out there who unfortunately use love magic for what amounts to rape, and I think that’s where people get “touchy”, so to speak. But since there are love spells that don’t involve influencing the target’s will.

@Prophet I agree that there are some people who use it for the wrong reasons that is true but I remember when I first started to learn about the occult this guy wanted to have a chance with a girl he liked and people was just going in on him calling him a rapist and all of that

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Who cares what anyone else thinks? Do what you want. If it feels wrong and you violate your own conscience, you probably shouldn’t do it because that will cause you to create your own negative karma.


A valid observation. There are a lot of potential answers to that question. Let me run down a few I have, as well as others I have seen expressed by second parties.

Some do not like love magick because they would never know if the result was truly love or if it was the magick.

Some look at magick to push sex with a specific person akin to slipping something in someone’s drink and fucking them while they are passed out.

Some do not like to dominate other’s wills.

Some have an aversion because of past experiences or psychological blockages. It would not surprise me if a rape victim did not engage in love/lust magick, for example, or adversely perhaps explored the possibility to gain understanding of their own experience.

I imagine that some people just do not do it because they don’t feel like it, and never give it much more thought than that.

Myself? I just have a running rule not to dominate or attack someone that has not harmed or poses no threat to me in such a way that could cause harm to them. This is across the board, though. I am not inclined towards baneful magick or love magick on that same basis. Self defense I have no qualms with, or smacking around a dangerous person, and on the love end of that spectrum I have no issues with trying to draw a mate or sexual encounter in a general sense (not targeting a specific person). I look at that as more of a ‘road opener’ class ritual.

I do not consider money magick or magick to get a job comparable to banefully attacking or a targeted love/lust spell. The difference is intent; that changes the vibrational nature of the working enough IMO.


There is a big difference between influencing someone and subjugating their will.

We influence people all the time, in mundane and magical ways. There is no way we can’t influence people.

Love magick becomes baneful magick when it is used to force someone specific to “love” you against their will. That is usually what most people refer to when they talk about “karma.”. The guy that posted to the forum saying he wanted to turn his friend gay just because he wanted to get with him, is the kind of love spell I’m talking about. The guy was actually cursing the lover in question, rather than doing a “love” spell. He was willing to destroy his friend’s life just for the sake of some dick.

Money spells are not the same thing as love spells. Money fills a need. You do not need the specific person targeted with the love spell.

I think it all comes down to consequences, unintended or not. Love spells can lead to obsession and if you are okay with that responsibility, then love spells, and baneful spel are fine. Most people do not want to be forced to love someone so they see anyone who does such things to be a rapist, though it is more of the mind than the body. I think it also has a lot to do with the perception that love is sacrosanct and cannot be truly forced.


Agreed 100%.

I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here for the sake of discussion. How do we know what their “will” is? Sure, in instances like turning your friend gay just for a one-night stand it seems pretty clear-cut that their will wasn’t to turn homosexual, but it doesn’t seem to always be so clearly defined. Let’s say I have a single friend who I hang out with pretty consistently. She doesn’t hate me, and she’s even flirtatious at times. Is it against her “will” to perform a love spell to make her love me? After all, she might have ended up doing so eventually anyway without a spell. Even in the turning your friend gay case there was a chance (albeit slim) that he could have been closeted or bisexual.

My point is that I don’t think there always is such an ironclad distinction between baneful and not baneful (ie moral and immoral) magick. Magick is always going to involve changing reality in pursuit of your desires–it’s just a question of to what degree you wish to make that change.


I never said anything about morality or immorality in my post. To me, baneful magick is going against the will of another, regardless of the reason, because there will always be consequences you may not like, and I never once said it was immoral.

And, yes, in your example, it would be going against your friend’s will, if she has not made it clear that she wants to be more than friends. What you are doing is making assumptions based on your perceptions, which are heavily coloured by your own desires. When that happens in the mundane world, people get hurt, and sometimes even killed because somebody read into behavior something they wanted to see rather than what was actually present.

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Got to agree and I’m not for the use of such magick.
“Will” is subjective, everyone sees it differently.
The biggest issue I have is most who ask for love spells ignorantly think it’s some Disney Fairytale ending and get pissed when they’re told it doesn’t work like that.

Working on emotions someone already has is definetly not that same as forcing.
People just don’t want to work for love that’s why they don’t want to hear they have to actually work for the spell.

The person in question for “turning their friend gay”, well they admitted later on what they were asking for was NOT what they truely wanted so they were lieing to themselves and no spell will work if you do that.


My point, though, is that in this scenario we don’t know what my friend’s will is, so we can’t know that it’d be necessarily going against it. Making assumptions based on our perceptions is how every human operates in this world: there’s no way NOT to if we want to live in this reality.

Sorry, it seemed like you were trying to make a moral judgment by your use of the term baneful. I guess I just don’t see it as a black-or-white category. Any type of low magick that we do that involves other people is going to be influencing them to behave in ways that we think they otherwise wouldn’t behave, or else there’d be no need to perform the magick in the first place! So it’s more a matter of how much we want to influence their will, and what level of control over them we feel comfortable with, IMO.

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Honestly if I may add. I believe that love magick will always work if you truly love the person. Especially if your love for the person is strong. If you think you’re a correct fit for the person that you’re going to pursue, go for it ! But if you know you’re not going to stick around and just want one thing I wouldn’t recommend any love spells. If your love is true and you want to be with this person for a while and not just use them go for it . I have nothing against love magick :heart:

No, I make no moral judgement with my use of the term baneful, my friend. I just use that word in reference to going against the will of another because when someone does so, they rarely have the well being of the target in mind.

I have never done a love spell but i’m not against them in any way. i just have never found someone I wanted that badly.

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I can see the idea here, definetly but what is left out is no matter how strongly you feel that doesn’t mean the other will too.

If we are throwing the other persons feelings out then i’d consider this, if the others feelings are not even close to yours it will be an unhappy situation for the caster simply because they will see (as with any soaring relationship) every day how little the other cares.

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I kinda agree with that but then why do “get back with an ex” fail a lot I know lust of result is one but I know a lot of people who truly love there ex and think that but magic didn’t work

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Same. If I ever were to do a love spell I’d probably do a road-opener or general summoning spell calling for someone with my desired characteristics to enter my life, as opposed to a spell on a particular person.

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I have to disagree with this completely . Because I’ve used loved spells before and the love from my man was magnified x10 . He showed he cared, and he showed he loved me, you could definitely tell that it was him still .

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A lot of people are different :woman_shrugging:t4: That was just the case for me .

Your man already loved you. I see no reason he wouldn’t still or that the spell would be an issue, however those who love someone who they haven’t even spoken too or they already know hates them… that’s not going to work out as well and they will have to watch it every day.

Not taking the others emotions into consideration can mess up their desired outcome.

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Ohhhhh I see what you’re saying . Yes I do believe you have to have a pretty strong connection with the person, and not cast on people you don’t know or barely know .

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