Sensing Death

This may not be much of a question but i need to put it somewhere. For the past two weeks off and on ive been feeling like something has been off its not quite sadness or unease but in between. It literally felt like something was trying to pull a piece of my soul away. Like the force you feel when holding to magnets near each other. It was the worst its been last night. I have never felt this before and didn’t know what it was. This afternoon i found out that my maternal grandmother had died. What does this mean and is this something that will happen again?

I have this happen to me when someone close passes or they actually come to me. It’s part of my abilities. Could be part of yours as well.

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It Is totally natural when attuned to Samael, Azrael or Qayin Rex Mortis. You literally work than with the Death and can channel it

I’ve always known when someone close to me died before I was informed of it. I guess if you’re sensitive enough, it’s normal.

As a soul is moving on it needs to collect the pieces it needs for the process and leaving behind what the passing thinks you need. Though its usually not enough to feel like a fair rebound. Go through her things, photos, reminiscent songs, smells, and her recipes if you remember any. Might put you through some misery and extended coping periods, but it’ll ensure you get back those pieces of you two instead of repressing them to keep from getting upset

I actually did something like that last night i just had a feeling that it was something i needed to do, she used to like cigarettes like incense not smoking but just letting them burn in the ash tray. Last night i got a pack of what she would smoke when i was young and lit one for both of us. Just to let them burn. I helped it seemed to bring a peace instead of the pain.

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I felt this when my ex bf was killed, felt a sense of death, but also felt it when I was walking near a dead animal without knowing it was there. I ended up with this intense pressure in my core that my intuition was telling me that something recently died.