Senses Seem to Be Opening Up

Had a pretty crazy experience this morning. I was feeling a bit depressed about my job and lack of purpose.

Now usually I can hear spirits relatively easily, but there’s always a doubt about whether it was my own thoughts or really them. I’m getting better at it but sometimes I really doubt myself.

But as I was having these thoughts this morning, another voice unmistakably spoke within my mind, and it was Lucifer giving me encouragement about my situation.

So I spoke to him for a few minutes, and the phenomenon continued. His words would just be effortlessly spoken in my mind. There was no trying to hear what he was saying, or wondering whether it was him.

No idea what changed, but it seems my senses are opening up more. Very odd, but cool, experience.


You can always ask the Spirit for its name or sigil.

But also you’ll get a feeling that’s hard to explain when it’s correct. Essentially you know and it’s not always what you want to hear.


That’s how I opened them up too