Sending shades of the dead after an enemy?

I was just wondering whether it would be possible to send my ancestors or other spirits of the dead after an enemy. I’m not interested in using this right now as I have been attacking enemies using demons and vampirism and have been getting results from that but I was curious if I could do this and how.

Yes, it’s possible, you’d need a good grounding in working with the dead to be able to do it but it can be done and afaik, protection and baneful magick is a reasonably common reason for working with dead people.

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So can you tell me how you successfully used spirits of the dead and vampirism on an enemy. What was the effect?

I use Voodoo and Norse practices to curse with the dead. Vampirism is all in the astral. And it works. That’s all I can say.


Gosh I need myself a teacher, there is only so much one can find out dilly dallying about, without showing them the right way to get something done.
Me I constantly feel there is so much more that is hidden out there but I get constantly people making me feel a ‘wannabe wiccan’ and not let me ‘in’, where do I go or where do I start and how do I gain trust from other magicians, surely if they were truly in tune they would see the spirit world surrounds me and all I need is a nudge in the right direction. Gone through rejection so many times, how do I earn my trust and credibility and make others willing to share? That I’m not planning on tearing down the world anytime soon lol just need some help… now I think I’ve wondered off topic lol, anyways. …

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If you want to work with the dead, go to a cemetery. Be respectful. Bring some flowers. Be quiet and aware. Watch and listen but not just with your eyes and ears - with your full mind. Sooner or later, somebody will say hello. Repeat as needed.


I have gone recently, actually it was really nice, I went because I attempted to make a ‘spell’ I customised, and left it in the graveyard, in hope ‘justice be done’ in my painful situation… I hope the gardeners and caretakers dont track me down for littering lol , let’s see if it helps… but I just want to be sure I’m doing it correctly for best results and not on some ‘googling and guesswork’… … honestly what i really need is a miracle because logically everything is stacked against me, and courage and being a fool has done its day, in one way I might be naive at this stage to hope for something to intervien in that big of a way but I guess what have I told lose… I’m so exhausted trying myself. …

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