Sending Energy for free

Hello Everyone,

Someone told me that sending energy or healing others would cause my energy and get it dirty
I am confused my aim was helping others and becoma a good vessel

So what about reiki healers?

They supposeed to have dirty energy :roll_eyes:

Yes, healers can inadvertently take on the dirty energy of those they heal. Some modalities don’t teach about releasing what one takes on, so the healer ends up accumulating all the ills of their patients.

@Lady_Eva knows more about this.


I might have posted something, try running a search, not really in effortpost mode right now but basically if you can draw energy from the Divine, Love, whatever makes sense to you, you can channel that through you and therefore your own energy isn’t getting used, and will not be affected, not matter how fucked up the person or being you’re healing may be.


What If I channel from raphael?

This is false

Also when sending energy it’s good to strip it of your own traits because your own energy may not be compatible with whoever is taking in that energy you’re sending.

There’s some reiki healers that do more harm than good, and clog up someone’s energy system because they are newly reiki practitioners and don’t check before doing it.

Raphael is agreed to channel

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Reiki energy is different from your own energy! You are channeling a universal energy and sending it! Raphael is helping me with Reiki! He is awesome :ok_hand:
Also sending Reiki for others does benefit the practitioner because it has to pass through them before going to the target! If you get tired from passing energy then you are not sending Reiki but sending your own energy!


Raphael challeniling me as well

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You can use your breath and intention to avoid accidentally sucking in the other person’s energy - only give energy on breathing out, and do not try to give energy while breathing in - just pause, breathe in from the cosmos then give again.

You should be able to watch the energy flow and know if you sucked in any of thier energy by mistake. If this happens, shake it loose, visualise a metal grid, like a sieve passing head to toe through your bodies, sifting out unwanted energy to push it deep into the ground. The Earth will recycle it from there.