Sending Blessings or Expressions of Appreciation

I’m curious. While a number of black magicians are known for sending potent curses, how would a black magician send a blessing or send an expression of appreciation? It may be obvious to some, but oddly enough I haven’t seen any incantations written by a black magician to express gratitude.

Comments or suggestions anyone?

I leave offerings to the spirits as a way to express gratitude. You can use any incantation of blessing or thanks you want, or you can speak from the heart. I usually opt for that route.

Also if you are expressing gratitude to a spirit you should give it something it likes. Jason Miller goes over offerings in his course and in The Sorcerer’s Secrets and Protection and Reversal Magic.

As a Black Magician you can do whatever you want, whatever way you want. There is no requirement to do ‘evil’ and not ‘good’. These concepts are optional beliefs that you might choose to use if they further your own goals. The main guideline. Do what works to get the results you want.

If you’re sending a blessing to another human, you can command (request, ask nicely - whatever works for you) an angel to deliver this blessing.

Black magician as I define it (and, I think, a lot of people here?) doesn’t mean limited to only working with demonic entities, it just means putting your own ethics and concepts ahead of the moralities of the society you live in, and ahead of the major religious teachings (including non-Abrahamic doctrines like “karma” when that’s viewed as a reason to renounce action based on desire and personal will).

That’s my take on it.