Sending a message to an entity through cellphone is possible?

Is possible to draw the sigil of an entity on your phone, you know in some drawings app, and than write a message over it to the entity and open the sigil? I mean would that work? Would the entity receive the message or they only receive in the old fashioned way, burning the paper?
I did something like this, I was surprised on how easy and well the sigil opened, probably because of all the light of the cellphone. But I’m not sure if it the message was sent or not.
I thought this would be a good way to communicate when you have short or an emergency message to send.
What you people think? Could it work this way as well? Did anyone ever did something like this and know it was successful?


No, fax only.

There is no need to burn the damn paper if you’re already opening the sigil. Just state your intent and add some inner alchemy to the mix. And go banish after opening the sigil.


But instead of a real papel could be only an image drew by me on my phone? Would the entity get the message this way?

What did you mean? Inner alchemy?

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I agree with @ReyCuervo … just open the sigil you have,
We have enough cell spam these days anyway, even though it may not be your intent.


Paper is not needed. If you want to communicate a message through to a spirit, your perception of the sigil is all that is needed. You can draw the sigil on paper, on a phone, in the sand, on a rock etc. Then you simply call the spirit forth and speak to them.

So to simply communicate, your perception of the sigil is all that matters. Although, materials do have an effect. For example, to speak with a spirit whose nature is of Jupiter, it would be far more powerful to create a seal for them out of a metal that Jupiter rules (Tin) or a stone ruled by Jupiter, and created at an appropriate time (arguably the most important thing to the creation of it).

But, as a beginner, your perception is all that is needed for the sigil. You probably want to speak your message to them, however.


Yes, to communicate through your emotions. Is less complicated that it sounds. Just, once contact is established, imagine a sequence where you first lack what you want, then get what you want and finally are grateful for what you got. Be sure your emotions match the sequence.

And banish after you do this.


@QueenMustang thank you :slight_smile:

@Nightside alright, thanks.

@Dankquanicus got it, but write down over the sigil could work out either way right? I’m not secure of speaking with entities I tend to prefer write to them. But I got it what you mean by perception of the sigil, thanks.

@ReyCuervo oh right, I think I understood what you mean, thank you.


I’ve done magick with sigils on my phone in public bathroom stalls before (many of them, actually). Perhaps amusing, but what matters is your perception of the sigil, so it doesn’t matter what the sigil is on, paper, screen, smoke clouds, rocks, random stuff, so long as you see the sigil and work with it magickally, you’re good to go.


You will have to experiment to see if it works. Either way, they do not recieve the letter like we recieve a text message, communication is more direct regardless. They have some direct perception of you in the ritual, and your own soul becomes involved in the working, so you may as well push through some discomfort and speak with them directly, because this communication is direct regardless.


Duke Sallos has spoken to me through text messages in two different occasions… and the first time I had just to wait less than 24h to confirm that these random text message is from Sallos in fact.

I had President Valac visit me, because I asked him to, the night after I telephatically contacted him no sigil needed even… just the inner alchemy as @ReyCuervo mentioned…

As I always read on here - most of the times… or just some times spirits will hear you! some times they attend your call and other times they just ignore you… I believe that formal rituals are much reliables mean to contact a spirit tho


Notification said you replied to me, might have been a mistake?

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my mistake… sorry

@shinri oh that’s sounds great actually, got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Dankquanicus but what’s the difference between write them a letter on paper and one in your phone? I mean as long as in both case I write with my emotions on, transfering it to the writing shouldn’t work the same?
Oh and I’m only replaying you for second time now, I was offline actually. Probably a mistake :slight_smile:

@808semen that’s pretty awesome I guess. Yeah I kinda agree with all thats. Thanks :slight_smile:

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