Send good vibes pls

Hello BALG family…

Things have not been going too great for me these days. Especially on the work front.
Inspite of doing good successful projects, I have not been getting growth, visibility and recognitions in my organization.

I have a 30min slot for a project plan discussion with my superboss today.
I have decided to talk my heart out with him and ask him about growth opportunities.

Am on my way to work already, hence cannot do an evocation. But thinking of King Paimon on my mind.

I want to shine in the meeting today and want my super boss to see my capabilities and offer growth opportunities to me.

Any input/ support from you all will be highly appreciated.

Thank you and Love you all…/


I will try to assist, I was incredibly busy and will get into our PM tomorrow, just chilling out for the first time in ages tonight. :heart_decoration:


Try chanting his enn instead. You can do it silently in your mind, even in your meeting.


I am so fucking high on myself right now, here, take all of my good, positive, a bit angry, but in a good way, vibes.


Thank you Sir…
I shall do it…infact already started…

Thank you so much dear…

Good luck! Sending good vibes :heart:

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Meeting went out well. Not as great as I wanted it to be but still I was confident.
He agreed to all my points and gave me an approval to travel for work ( Cost is an issue these days) Didnt give me any growth opportunities, but I know it will come, one day!

I just hope that things get better from here.

Hail King Paimon!

I am still a newbee in magick…but I belive that one day this magick is going to create miracles in my life and everything is gonna be alright.

Love to all in this forum. This is one place where I am my real self. I cry, I worry, I break-down at times…only to know that you guys are around to hold me and save me from falling.


Glad to here that things went well for you. Becoming successful with magic can be like mastering any craft. It takes time, effort, a bit of luck and plenty of failures to learn from. Keep working on it and you will rise. Perhaps you could ask paimon for tips to improve your magic or point you in the right direction?

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I will, Tiberius.
Currently, going through a low phase.
But once I bounce back.
I am going to ask King Paimon to help me.

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Nicely done!

Great, I feel happy for you. The small successes will lead to bigger ones eventually!
Blessings :black_heart::metal:

Nicely done Sir.

I am glad it all went so well.

Hiya OP! A foot in the door is nothing to be underestimated, and with an opportunity like that manifest you’ve encountered a lot more spell vectors you can place magic on to greatly enhance the probabilities you seek. Some ideas are:

  • Honey jar to attract growth opportunities: to make boss and beyond look favorably upon your work
  • Battery talisman to collect and hold energies associated with success at your job, to be dispensed upon touch before beginning work or slept physically over
  • Money altar in the east containing a green or orange cloth, a box with an amount of money in it, green and orange candles, and iconography or Tools of wealth/prosperity/success spirits you work with
  • Daily outdoor meditation done with the intent of listening for the voice of the you that is where you want to be, breathing in the dreams held within the wind
  • Acquire a familiar that specializes in the manifestation of opportunities and favor, such as a spirit under Midas, to chain your opportunity into better successive better ones that keep goodwill and favor flowing from the company to you

Etc and so on. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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