Semitic Deities

Does anyone have experience working with Gods of similar tribes. I have been reading a lot about Yam Nahar and Mot(God of Death). I’m aiming for more Beings that predate all of this Monotheistic influence. I know Michael Ford speaks of them in his book, but I’m talking about Practical results.

 Have you looked into the "Grimoire of Tiamat" by Asenath Mason?  This grimoire focuses more on the Babylonian epic known as the "Enuma Elish", one of the oldest Creation myths in the world.  Very practical workings in this book and its really 'to-the-point' as far as pragmatism.  You can pick it up on amazon in paperback for about 20 bucks.  Definitely worth every penny!

Awesome, thanks man! I’ll definetly pick it up

Ps: out of curiosity, have you attempted the workings, if so, any tips?

This is like the second time today this book has crossed my browsings, perhaps the goddess is telling me I need this. I ran across it while reading about another one of her books. I read a review of the book on the nephilim website and I new then I wanted it now I know I need it.

and the third time today for me to fantasize about it… oh, Tiamat…

i have the book. most beautiful cover. but i have not attempted any workings, as consider it to require more xp then i cuurently have. but i hear the call…

i have read Enuma Elish several times… and it is really special. it is short, repetative, but far more monumental and magickal then any other piece of mythology that i know of.

Even before i found out that there exists a book exploring Enuma Elish pre-creation entities, i felt it deeply and personaly, with the sense of wanting to know more, by exploring the Depths of Absu.

inb4 this has nothing to do with semitic entities, i feel that OP is being lead by mysterious forces of this forum not to stray into jewdome.

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