Semen Retention ( The most hardest and powerful ritual I continuously am doing)

Good olly. Where do I even start? Sperm?:thinking:

So some of you may have noticed that I have been gone for awhile on this forum. I used to dwell here daily. But recent events forced me to decide to develop myself even further. Doing shit that scares me, facing myself.

On N(nut)ovember 2018 I decided that it was time. It was time for me to embark on my greatest and most challenging journey. A journey of joy, a journey of life, and a journey of pain.

It was time for me to live in my present. Heal my past and shape my future. It was time to make my semen great again!

And so I embarked. Having preserved and cultivating my Male essence, I gained great benefits. Life in my eyes, my skin is smooth and seeexy, I live in the moment. And I’m grapping attention of people as I walk by. I’m also connected more with my emotions which is where the hard part comes in…

These currents days I have been switching in emotions, sadness, depressed, pissed. All of these emotions just bubbles up. These emotions which have been trapped for all these years.

And what do I do? Facing it, despite being so fucking hard. It’s a test of great pain and more is surely to come. But I stand firm. My ship has burned and the only way is forward. My power stands ahead. My passion is NOW.

Jeez… I fucking needed to rant. But I wanted you guys to feel my passion.


How long have you been with practice?

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Since November 2018. I don’t remember which date I started. But I finally had enough. It was time to let my masculinity shine!


You guys, why you’re using so complicated titles! Just say “I stopped masturbating”! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like my title a little more…:wink:


I like it too, I just wished to tease you a bit :grin:


And I gladly take it to heart…:smirk:



Dude I just relapsed last saturday! After 16 days…

And I relapsed again, today :joy::joy:

So i’m starting tomorrow… Back to day 1 :cold_sweat:


I’ve tried this three times at different points in my life. 30 days seems to be my limit. After 30 days I always relapse. People say there’s a lot benefits. More energy. More motivation. Increase in testosterone, etc. But it’s too painful. At 30 days I’m already going crazy.

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The most I can make it is somewhere around the three week mark. After that, I need a release.

A good friend of mine thats a practitioner of traditional chinese medicin have talked with me alot about this subject.
Basicly ejaculation for men is basicly a small lose of life force (chi but a specific type as there is many types of chi) the same happends to woman during menstruation. In chinese practice the conservation and strengthening of this essence is the secret to immortality and so on, thats the more esoterik ideas. From the point of view of the chinese medicin its a drop of life essence and strenght, it should not happend more then 1 a month a young man in his prime can do more, but it also take into consideration time of the year, like winter now is a bad time since condition is allready hard om the body.

So much may be given from stickning to this practice.


Ah yes, that little-mentioned but genuinely useful side of magick that actually involves WORK and facing down inner demons, alone and unremarked, instead of simply demanding results like a vending machine.

The relatively lower ratio of “Likes” and even views your topic will probably get, compared to random personal drama posting, are a seal of quality, people want to GET, not GIVE of personal effort and energy most of the time. :wink:

Wishing you all the power. :fist:


I agree. And the neat thing that makes me happy for Sheo here is that sex takes a lot of energy. By retaining it, he saves a lot more energy than the average person.

Quick tip, being horny is an excess of sexual energy, which is still energy. Just transmute the energy.


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Next time you feel that tingle in your pinkle. Take deep breaths true your nostrils and feel your arousal travel up your spine instead. Now set yourself to work with whatever. Guitar, walk, cold showers. Transmute that energy👌


What in the end causes the trigger?


To be honest I expected that this topic would get a low amount of views and likes. Still I decided to make it because that I wanted to share my journey and my dedication.

gorilla punches chest


What I find amazing about horniness is that it can make you smart and retarded at the same time. :joy::dancer:t2:



I tried transmuting and meditation but I don’t feel the energy rising up my spine. It’s really hard to do. My longest streak was around 75 days and I was extremely horny and I couldn’t concentrate properly. When I was sitting down at my desk, trying to study, I constantly had porn scenes playing through my head and the constant urge to release semen.

It was really annoying, it seems like there is some blockage or something, chakras out of balance or whatever, the energy must slow freely otherwise you’ll get crazy literally.


Then I feel that you should do Primal Screaming. Push out screams from your stomach not your vocal throat. Do so and emotions will surface up which has been trapped inside you.

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