Selling Your Soul

Anyone have a proper way to do this…? Google is shit. Ive read other ways to commit yurself to Satan buh not sell your soul… Help plx

Another one? It seems every month another person comes on here and says they want to sell their soul. Try the Search function and read the other threads.

Bottom Line: You can’t “sell” your soul. That is Christian nonsense.

You’ll find plenty of entities willing to play with you though, if you approach them in such a whiny, sniveling way.

You are God. You cannot give away your Godhood.

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Well you sort of can actually. Essentially this would be entering into a contract where you agree to let a spirit do whatever the hell it wants with you in exchange for getting such and such. Awhile back someone sold their soul to me on here.

So all you would need to do is make a contract where it states the spirit is now 100% in charge of you and in exchange it gives you whatever. Though imo this is a pretty dumb idea which is what I told the person who sold their soul to me, but when they persisted I was like “Well if your going to sell it, you may as well give it to me, so just sign this contract in blood and we can do this.” so yeah if your going to do that may as well let me have it, just let me know and I’ll write up a contract. I’m sure I could find some sort of use for your spirit, I did for the last person.

Thank you Defectron and DarkestKnight for clear this up!!  And your right, it seem everyone wants to 'sell' their soul for some stupid reason or another without realizing that THEY ARE THE GOD that they so desperately want to be and embody.  I was talking with some other people on a forum board about this and they just seemed hellbent on 'selling their soul' and I told them that you really can't per say, but you can enter a pact with an entity where one's soul could be offered as collateral, but again, what would an entity of such power do with a 'soul', ya know...

If you talk to those people again, get them in contact with me and we can work out a deal.

As for what you would do with a persons spirit. Use the right tool for the right job. If your dumb enough to do something like this, there is a very specific type of work, the spirit of that sort of person is usually pretty good for.

What are you talking about? You already sold your soul the government owns you via MONEY. The only way out is Death such as like a Christian. You cannot exist in this world hardly without money. A soul whom is not free is a soul whom serves some sort of function in this system. A Soul who is free either leaves this planet somehow, or stays here at odds and hostilities with the spirits of the system, and in all cases is really just energetic food to be recycled.

So being here with a physical body means one is under the watchful eyes of the Overlords. Yep a wonderful world we live in. Male the best of it.

Draw out Varnaxis’ sigil and ask him to mediate, info here.

It doesn’t matter than you might not (yet) see or hear him, HE will hear you.

He actually did something like this and while a lot of people will fuck you about, especially online, he’s the real deal and also not an asshole.

The deal with be with Set in most cases and he’s mighty powerful.

Hey, feels good to finally have a helpful answer to this! :smiley:

Uhh i remember to dedicating myself to Satan/Enki ( Basically Enki but with name as EA or Satan) when i was like 13 in a poor ritual, i have absolutely no clue what was the result of it… I hope nothing bad, it was the “Joy of satan” ritual, which at the time i thought was necessary to do for witchcraft.

Which in the back perspective was pretty silly considering that i declared someone being “Lord of earth and creator of humanity” without anything else backing it than what i have read, but then again i belived it so i believed it. Now i have actually no clue about mostly anything, this is one of the most confusing times ever.

No offense to the god Enki! / Or uhh Satan like joyofsatan says… or Ea well whatever of your names is real oh Sumerian god!

hi black flame! I think there’s a big difference between dedicating one’s self to what ever being one cares to, and “selling” one’s self.

to me, “selling” one’s self, one’s soul, what ever, implies slavery. who in the hell would want to be a slave, especially for all eternity, to some spirit or other, and possibly a jerky spirit at that?

best to enter in to a pact, possibly a short-term pact, sort of as a trial basis to kind of test the waters with a spirit before committing to a more long-term compact, as opposed to selling your eternal self in to slavery for Ever. for Ever isn’t a long time – it’s more than that, more even than millions, even billions, of years. it’s. . for Ever.

stupid thing to do. and I don’t think spirits, at least the less compassionate ones, would have much respect for a person who would want to give them selves up completely to them. they would definitely mess with you.