Selling Your Soul

Would you advise against selling your soul or encourage it to the right entity? Such as here, “Dedicating your life to Satan” at Angelfire.

When I’m calling forth the spirits of darkness and the damned in meditation how do I know there isnt a spirit interested in my demise, say as in your video “The Night a Demon Hunted Me”?

Would you ever recommend a list of authors?

To pry the theoretical mind; since science has discovered the multiverse what would be your personal synopsis regarding the Kingdom of Hell? Could the battle of our solar system and misery on Earth possibly be related?

Your work is timeless. A millionaire could purchase every book and glimpse through the pages half-impressed, while a true mage, capable of manipulating reality with no more than their intent, struggles to gather the $1,000s of dollars scalpers adhere your words to as precious treasures. The Bible is full of lies, owned by even atheists, easily acquirable. Is your work not more worthy than any bible? I admit I had a taste, theres really no other words I’ve ever felt so bewildered in losing myself between words and setences, chapters being books all by themselves. Honestly, idk if you can possibly know through so many outward defamations, how BALG stands forth the tests of time incomparable to any others will ever come close. Untouchable. How can you put a price in that?

Check out EA Koeting’s video here…

I struggled for agest to get an answer to this question. Hope this helps…


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