Sell your physical body instead of soul

Is this possible to dedicate your physical body to a spirit and have them fully possess you ? If yes how ?


Yes, it is possible, but why on earth would you want to

First you’d have to find an entity that would want your body and then dedication and possession rites would occur


M’man, it goes a little something like this:

pacts are coaching programs, no serious spirit has a use for your soul.

you enter by describing the conditions of what you want and agreeing to follow the teachings of that spirit.

a duration is set where you do as you are told so you must develop your hearing and seeing for that.

magick never was the short route into riches.

possession is agreed upon but again, no use for them, unless they wish to fix your body in some way.

So it really depends what you want. When you sell your soul you are not damning yourself into some sort of servitude in exchange for favors, you’re reliquishing control of your own life for some time to make sure spirits will kick you in the ass for slacking. They become your midnight nurse and put you through treatments.

What do they get in exchange? Well look at our Lord Lucifer. He is, among many other things, the personification of perfection. Wish to get better at whatever, say science? He teaches and facilitates things and wishes nothing but for you to emulate him. The problem is that the lessons are never easy as greatness demands sacrifice. And I don’t mean goat’s blood or, gods forbid, cats. I mean literally throwing your life away until you make or break.

I suggest you start by trying candle magick if you wish for anything less than going for the top shelf, because if you are we’re talking about nearly a year of obssessive schedule and obedience.

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