Sell my soul

Wow, I will say this. There are no demons out there that want your soul.

Of course, the farthest I’ve ever gone with this was dedicating my life to Lucifer, but I’m not going to sell my soul to some imp for a minor reward.

You don’t have to subjugate yourself before these beings, nor do you have to sell your soul, nor do you have to perform multiple sacrifices daily in order to make sure that the desired outcome is going to happen.

All you have to do is learn to communicate, become friendly with the spirit, and ask him to help you out, and in return, you can give the spirit booze, candy, blood, semen, whatever you guys agree upon.

Quite a few of them don’t ask for any payment at all, It’s simply their pleasure to work in our world.

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Not true, there are many out there that have no problem making the contract, the spiritual worlds have entities that are way more open to enslavement of any form. However, the rest I agree with.

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I totally believe that people believe they can sell their souls. I also totally believe that there’s spirits out there that will tell you that you can sell your soul to enslave you. Doesn’t make it true or according to facts. I won’t dispute the reality of pacts either, I’ve done pacts. But never life long and certainty not in exchange for a misunderstanding of what the soul is. That’s the problem, the definition of what a soul is. Like I said if you want to believe in Christian fables and Witch trial fantasies go right a head. I could give a fuck less.

Yeah you’re absolutely right. I bought the kindle book “Lucifer & the hidden demons” to help me get some answers . And work on my magickal growth so I can achieve what I desire thanks .

Yes you’re right! I’m currently working with bune, amon, & belial . Gave them some offerings today. I have hope

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Really? There is a demon who wants your soul?

I’d assume there is some daemon somewhere who would most certainly want anyones soul . That is if there is a soul left for selling.


There’s many beings who can and will find a use for a soul/servitude. Gods, demons, angels, yokai, fae, humans, and so on. Once you drop the “no demon wants your soul because higher vibrations” nonsense, you come to see that the spiritual planes are no different if not worse than here. Death, slavery, black market type ish, most taboo things can happen there if not more.

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Soul is the most valuable thing we probably got…

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I wouldn’t say that, some do it because they find use for the individual be it here spreading their influence or in the afterlife as a servant or in my case my guardian is a entity that in a past life sold theirs to me but we became friends in this life But they remain my guardian. So some value your skills more.


I wasn’t thinking about that, so what do you think, will happen if we sell our soul and we die? Where do we go what will happen?

I think it depends on which entity you make your deal with .


I think that not many entities want our souls…

Basically what Darkmoon said. However, there are many entities who do and don’t. Even some nonhumans sell their souls. It’s not just a human thing, but also it’s not “our” souls as none of our souls are similar so thinking an entity wouldn’t want your soul doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want someone else’s. Things like “we” and “our” makes us like we’re all the same when someone else’s soul may be wanted while yours isn’t.

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Someone else made a similar thread a while back. Not sure if he figured out how to sell his soul.

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