Self sabotage

Wanted to gets some advice from others on here and you all have been very helpful so far and I appreciate that.

If you have seen my other posts my life had been falling apart for the past year. I have been given a second chance with my wife to be a family again but I somehow always seem to self sabotage myself.

Things will be going good and then I will do something stupid like not pay a bill and then a letter comes saying the power will be shut off if not paid, etc. plus other things that have caused issues between us in the past.

I don’t do it on purpose but I seem to do stupid stuff like that without even realizing I’m doing it until it bites me in the ass.

Have you ever seen a psychologist or counselor to see if you might have adult ADD?

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I have not for that. I have seen one for depression and anxiety and am on medication currently for it.

Anxiety can cause forgetfulness too… I mention seeing an actual psychologist though, if you were just prescribed meds by a regular doctor, as ADD is something that takes some time to identify, especially in adults. From what you are saying it makes me think that this could possibly be a source of your forgetfulness without even being aware of it until its too late. As another option do you keep a pocket calendar or anything so you can be reminded about certain bills when they are due?

Look into the books, 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise, and Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand.

Angels are very good at internal work and can be of great aid in making the inner changes you need.


I actually just today put all of the dates our bills are due in my phones calendar with monthly reminders of when they are due.

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Are there any angels you recommend I reach out to?

Maybe ask an arch angel to protect you from sabotaging yourself…maybe Michael.