Self love

I have been working on my self some for the past few days. I am slowly getting my self together and trying to not heal the scars of my emotional body but also my spiritual.
One the things that Iv been told over and over was for me to work on myself. Iv been doing evocations and doing my best to strengthen myself but one very important thing I have forgotten about and I feel I am not alone on this is self love. Iv been so busy with doing workings with beings, working at my job, and trying to find my ground in my new life that I have over looked one of the most important things that all of us needs, self love. I just came to this realization earlier (mostly thanks to Asmodues).
Many of you know Iā€™m a person who is still in recovery of my past and path that I was on. I focused so much on others and worried about others, I denied myself the most important thing for any being. So now I am taking some time for some self love that I know I deserve. I have some special soap that I have gotten and planning a bath tonight with some candles. But I would like to hear what others love to do for their own self love rituals or simple things they do for them selves and what beings are good at this. :pray:t2: