Self initiation ritual

So in grimiore of the green witch, there’s a self initiation ritual I want to perform. So a few questions on the subject.

  1. How will self initiation be beneficial to me?
  2. How should I prepare for it?
  3. When is the best time (day and hour) to perform?
  4. Is it best to perform on a Sabbat and if so which one?
  5. Is it best done as soon as possible and if not how long do I wait?

You’re initiating yourself, you’re doing it yourself instead of relying on someone else, that’s a benefit in and of itself.

You prepare by cleansing your space and grounding

Any time and any day as long as you’re sure you’re ready.

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I’m fine with doing it as soon as possible. But This is an initiation. So I’m worried about doing it wrong.

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You can always do it at any time preferibly after midnight and than confirm it one of the big Sabbaths like Ostara next month in March 21st. Choose a magical name too