Self-Initiation {Attuning To Ever Deepening Degrees Of Black Magic}

This is for those who’ve been practicing for a while but need a refresher or re awakening to the Powers of Magic and Darkness.

This is also great for beginners as it attunes them to Black Magic itself, developing a direct and powerful Connection to it, without any intermediary.

The Attunement
Vizualize a Inverted Pentagram in the Air and feel it radiate Sinister energy and the powers of Black magic into the room.

Allow it to match the color of your Chakras before turning completely black.

Once it turns black, cup your hands together with palms facing one another and Will the energy to collect into a Chi Ball.

I will that this Chi Ball become the Attunement and Initiation into Black Magic and it’s Mysteries. Deeper degrees of Power, Godhood, and Ascent shall be mine.

Feel that ball solidify then uncup your hands.

Meditate on what you are about to do then open yourself to the ball and let it enter you.

You will feel a variety of Sensations or you may feel nothing. Doesn’t matter.

The Initiation is now complete.

A sure sign as your body adjust to the new Vibrations is that you start feeling sick like you’re coming down with a Cold.

Push through it and don’t let it concern you.

Welcome to Black Magic homie :metal::metal::metal: