Self Hypnosis

First I just wanted to thank all you guys who posted and gave me endearing words on my last post. Though I can’t physcially thank you all, spiritually I am very grateful for that and will never forget it. Moving on from that is there a way to hypnotize oneself for a life of success? To me it sounds very possible. The brain can learn and develop new neural brain patterns to change its way of functioning. I just don’t know where to start? I don’t really want to contact “beings” I’m not proficient in that area, so I would like to do that myself. If anybody has any advice or even has successfully hypnotized themselves how did you do it? Thanks.


For those purpouses i recomend Looking into nlp modeling. I think you might get exactly what you ask for there.

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Definitely. Find a good hypnosis/affirmations file and listen to it daily for the next 90 days. If possible listen to it twice a day, once meditating in the morning right after waking up, and one while in bed falling asleep. I’ve personally had great success using this combined with sigil magick.

One channel that’s pretty good and one file I’m using currently is this one:

But there are many out there on Youtube or other sites, just browse around and find one you’ll like.

Good luck!