Self Destruction

How does one destroy their own lives? I have read multiple times on this forum how this person’s life started falling apart for a while then they come back different and stronger. So how do you start this? Do you ask a demon that you called upon multiple time already to this? Or is it something that just happens?


In my experience it just happens and in the works of practice, emotions become flared up which causes many alterations or as some say “life destroyed.” Of course, it’s more a learning experience and rarely is an event just out-right negative.


When the time comes, you will know that you are ready and you will know what to do. What you are suggesting is indeed the path to the greatest of transformations, one that I have endured, but this is not something to be taken lightly. Your mind will break, and your life will be reduced to shambles. From the ashes you will be reborn, but to ashes you first must go.

This is a path to be undertaken only when you are confident in your power and have many magickal manifestations under your belt. I would also suggest that you already have experience exploring the self in many different areas so that you are familiar with the process.

I do not mean to scare you away, and indeed I commend your courage, but this is not a task a new magician is ready to undertake, in my opinion. You are free to do as you will, but know that this magick is not for dabblers. There are tales of those who spent years languishing in the Dark Night, lost within the abyss. The only way out is through, and if you do not know how to find the way, then you will succumb to madness.

That aside, you may experience some seemingly negative events in your life before reaching a desired positive result. This does not always happen, and indeed magick often just works wonderfully, but sometimes things need to be cleared away to make space for what you desire.


How does one stop dabbling? I want to get serious with magic but I can never stick to it everyday. One in a while I will mediate and try evocation but that’s it.

I’m curious about the underlying subject here. Are you asking if you can bring yourself to shambles to basically recreate yourself/life? Or are you saying that this practice of evocation and what you’re attempting to manifest WILL bring you undesireable events first then bring a positive outcome?

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but what I ask may help others who are new to this experience. But I’ve called for help using the Goetia to manifest the one true thing that’s made me happy back into my life but if it’s going to send me to shambles first then I have second thoughts because I can’t really deal with any more downfalls that I’ve been dealing with since December…In other words I’ve already hit rock bottom within the last 1.5 months worse than ever in my life so I just want positiveity not falling down again.

Try chanting. Obtain and make your own 100% natural material bead set with silk or cotton twine. Stone, glass or wood beads are traditional. How many beads you going to use? Any divisions - like 3 sets of 9 beads, etc. You must be able to use in the dark or with eyes closed. Also recommend 100% natural material drawstring bag in which to shelter the beads.

Then you’re going to have to figure out what you’re going to chant.

As you probably don’t have one, get yourself an inexpensive, hardback, ruled page Magickal Journal and learn how to use it. Eventually your Journals become your grimoires.

And please keep us informed as over time there will be manifestations from the chanting. Will you chant out loud or penetrate to the ends of the multiverse with your whispers?


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It happens when it happens. Trust me, when it happens, you’ll wish you’re dead. Been there.

But then it’s only uphill and it’s good

Make an oath from yourself to Yourself. “I hereby undertake to perform…for the period of…and record all results in this Journal”. [Signed, with blood if necessary]

And if you break your oath no one will know, whilst you’ll know your true value. Where you fit in the food chain, so to speak.


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Bring myself to shambles to recreate my life

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