Self concept and spell work

Have you ever wondered why your love spells dont work? How other people do a spell and get their ex obsessed with them while yours only achieve a brief encounter and then you go back to the beginning?

I struggled to find the answer over the years. I did love spell after love spell and my results were short lived. I was reading about people getting extremely good results for spells and mine were not working that well.

So i went on a journey, exploring different types of spells and spirituality methods until i found the answer: i needed to work on my self concept.

Self concept is your own beliefs about yourself.

Self concept influences everything about you including your general energy. So if you dont feel magnetic and sexy and attractive you will not attract the love that you want, you will not attract your ex back and even if you do you will not be able to keep them.

Spell work is like a boost on your desire. The spirits strengthen your desire and they attract it to you. They give you some help. Now if you are a magnetic person and you have a desire, the effects of the boost will be much greater.

Usually when a love spell is performed it is performed when someone is in a state of lack. You miss your ex and you want them back so you ask the spirits to help you. If you remain in that state you will slow things down.

Because imagine if your ex comes back and you are still an emotional mess. Even if you feel great at that moment you havent made the necessary changes on your energy to maintain this person in your life.

Especially in reconciliation rituals, you need to do some work on changing yourself. If they come back to you and you go back to how things were then they will leave you as soon as the effects of the spell wear off.

So while you wait for your results you have to put yourself into the position of being your first priority. You need to completely delete from your energy all of your insecurities and create a lifestyle that is absolutely a place where your desire really fits.

You need to create a new version of yourself that will fit the results that you want. For example you need to work on having a good social network. You need to be a person who feels content into their lives. You need to be the first person who is in love with yourself and confident. When your person will be attracted back or attracted to your life will be entinced by your energy. Create your own paradise/oasis that your desire would love to stay.

Same thing applies to money rituals. The first thing that you need to do is to change your energy and the way you view money. Get an abundance mindset.

To simplify it… if a normal person wants to make money, they will try to build up wealth they will struggle more than if a rich person tries to build up wealth. The difference is in the mindset and in the energy of someone.

Yes spirits can help you attract money and they can very well present you with lots of opportunities. If however, in the previous example the normal person and the ex rich person do the same ritual and they are given the same opportunities… the ex rich person will manage to achieve greater results.

Same goes with baneful magic. If you have enemies and you have the energy that you are strong, your baneful magic will work better.

Energy attracts energy. So if things arent working out as you want them to and your spells arent working the way you want them to, you need to work on your self concept.

A very simplistic reason but a very important one.

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Don’t worry about your English, your post was well-written and congrats on writing English and I presume speaking English, very well! :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

This is something we learn about in the ‘law of assumption’, which teaches that what you want, you already have it, and you must assume the very best, and the best will happen. If you assume something to be true, then it is, because you create your reality.


Yes. The law of assumption in combination with the rituals that we do delivers results

Great post. I have a book called Transforming Your Self by Steve Andreas, it’s all about adjusting one’s self concept and self image in a technical way. I highly recommend checking it out, Steve Andreas is one of the originators of NLP and he goes into what is necessary for a change in self concept, what a healthy and stable self concept consists of, how to adjust it and make the change stick without all the typical NLP jargon and dogma.

What it boils down to is how we unconsciously categorize our memories visually and audibly that conform to how we view ourselves, what we’re capable of, etc. So if someone believes themselves to be unattractive, their memories of that are bigger, brighter, and have a structure and order that is similar to other ways they view themselves that they know are true. So if I know I’m a really good forklift operator, I’ll see and hear my memories of that in a similar way to how I see the memories I have of all the times I sucked with women (and not in the way I wanted to suck with women har har) when I think about how attractive I am. They’ll be up right in front of me in full color and volume in a neatly stacked order in my example, but everyone is different. Meanwhile all the good memories I have of when I did suck with women in the good way are down off in the corner, smaller, less colorful and quieter just like other memories I have of things that I doubt to be true of myself or just aren’t sure of. So you first learn the foundation of what a strong and stable self image is, find out what your structure is for things you know to be true, not true or ambiguous and adjust it by moving these things around with the methods he gives. I’m glad you made this thread because I was getting really into it and then let other things take over my attention so I needed a reminder.

Steve A has passed on but one of his students, Damon Cart, has a great youtube channel and bases his lessons around this model and gives out a fuckton of content about it. Here’s some:

Self Concept video 1
Self Concept video 2
Self Concept video 3 (demonstration with student)


Oh this is lovely. I will go and search for this book. It sounds very interesting. I was searching for something like this.
I hope they have it as a kindle version because I tend to like kindle books. I can have them with me everywhere I go.
I will watch the videos.

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So do I and they do! Transforming Your Self

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brilliant ! :slight_smile: Thank you so much for posting the link too :slight_smile:

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Great Post! And btw, if you hadn’t said that English was not your first language, I wouldn’t have known, because it sounds perfect to me.

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