Selecting the best tool for the job

Despite my lengthy absence from contributing to this forum (with the exception of my post on Timothy’s new booklet), I still enjoy reading others’ posts.

I have mostly been just too tired from working construction in the heat. But also, I have been trying to re-evaluate my goals in life and what tools are the best for getting me there.

When I first got into magick, I (like a huge majority of aspiring magicians I think), was hoping that it would be an easy way to bring me two things: money and love/sex. With a bit of experience and the confirmation of other magicians on this forum, I have learned that those are the two of the hardest things for magick to provide. I have come to the conclusion that mundane means work much better. So that is what I am focusing on. To loosely paraphrase EA from one of his videos: Alchemy can definitely convert substances into other substances. Straw can be turned into gold. But it would take a lifetime just to produce a tiny amount. Just think about how much more money you could make by simply going to school and getting a job."

However, that doesn’t mean that magick will not have a place in my life. Meditation has given me some pretty accurate premonitions. It also helps me just calm my mind and have a better day. The law of attraction has given me a couple cool, small accomplishments.

I am pretty sure that evocation is not for me. I just can’t get it to work. I’m too much of a science minded empiricist to successfully “act” like I am feeling their presence when I don’t. EA once said that if western magick fails to work for some people, sometimes he will recommend Haitian Voudon. Maybe that will be in my path someday.

But I still may consider trying to use western magick for bigger things at some point. So here is a question: What would be the best way to use magick to help bring an enjoyable career into my path for which I am already qualified? I’m not necessarily talking about a field that requires specialized training like a doctor. But, rather, a career that would value my general college background. Is this something that anybody has had success with doing?

Doubt and questioning will eventually drift you away from magick.

On the subject at hand, magick does not produce money out of thin air, if it does its usually a stupid manifestation (like finding a $20 note on the street). One reason for this is because most people cannot emulate and further instill into their magick the emotion that stems from abundance that is required for greater manifestations. Another reason is the fact that people focus purely on money manifestation instead of value. Money neither has value or create any value, its just paper and ink. These days it does not reflect reserved gold either. The spiritual doesn`t work well with things of no value.

Magick can manifest great things. If it`s used properly towards the right directions, internally and externally.

Internally altering consciousness, to attain different perspectives, bring knowledge and understanding ones mission, change behavioral traits, affect the will.
Externally to influence outcome, create opportunities, clear the path towards manifestation.

Has it worked for me personally? Yes. I`ve enjoyed a diversified enjoyable career and manifested things into my life that many people have wet dreams about.

Is it hard? Yes. Until you get to understand and learn from failure, until you grow, you get your ass kicked in the most brutal way. As a matter of fact the ass kicking never ends, for the reason that as you progress you set the bar higher and higher so the demands change.

I`ve literally gained everything and lost everything. Material and immaterial. Twice.

Magick helped me to get over it and to bounce back up pretty quick. It still does.

  • Set an extremely high goal and use magick to convince yourself that you will achieve that goal. If you think that 1m is all you need, set the bar to achieve 100m or more. Same applies for career goals, don`t aim at what you think you need, aim higher.
    Call upon forces that will torture you and brainwash you every single day, until the goal becomes a fact. Manifest in the mind and the physical will follow naturally.

  • Be willing to lose everything during the process. Be willing to lose everything even after you have successfully achieved a goal. This is one way road to success. Destruction of the old for the new to come about.

  • Do not challenge or oppose people that have had success, go on their side, do as they do.
    If you show me a nagging person that talks in a negative way regarding people that have made it, i can safely assume that his/hers bank balance is a big fat donut.
    You started a topic questioning Timothy`s manifesto the other day. To which i posted, with my comment trying to make you see the motive behind his actions and not get stuck upon what you think the manifesto is all about. You were right in your points. However, Timothy is an entrepreneur and he thinks and acts as such. Every entrepreneur strives for three things; Power, Fame, Wealth.
    LHP attracts businessmen because the moral base of it allows for great flexibility, regarding the means to achieve such goals.

Anything that we desire in this life, is really an arms reach away from us. That`s magic that we can empower with magick.

I agree with everything Zeus says there.

From my POV, I studied healing for years, and have had amazing, even miraculous, successes with it, including on animals (so, no placebo effect) and people who didn’t even know I was working on their behalf, so there ARE tangible “wow factor” results to be had, but for some reason (IMO, the principle of the universe tending towards more life for all, where possible) certain kinds of work are easier than others.

And for money, I’d probably have difficulty manifesting £1000 additional cash tax free by Sunday, but if I put my mind to it and really wanted it, I could manifest an object of similar value within that period, and that may be my own baggage, limitations, whatever, but my point is that even WITH those, it’s still possible to get what you want through magickal means. :slight_smile: