Seere (Energy and Observations)

I had been working on finding a simple job during the slow reopening of businesses since mid June but to no avail. I have resorted to continued day trading in the mean time. A few weeks ago I introduced myself to him and requested his alliance, then asked for a sign of acceptance, of which I got several. So I built an altar during my job hunt. I got a couple interviews shortly after but no job due to “hiring restrictions”. Funny thing though, I have been getting an influx of new ideas for small side income. I have decided to write him an article for his persistence.

Here is an interesting personality. While he can speak, he hardly seemed to. He’s the stoic but patient listener who stands tall as he calmly observes your being until he flashes off. His presence was subtle but noticeable. Below my center of vision, there was what looked like a wing span. A moment later a faint human silhouette appeared atop the wings. During the second evocation in a black mirror I briefly saw the outline of his face. Chiseled jaw, an open Tuareg turban, a crown on top, and shady sockets with sea-green stars for eyes.

His astrological traits seem accurate for his character. His traditional attribute is Saturn in Pisces. I’ve seen him assigned to Aquarius instead of Pisces, which is also appropriate. His presence brings together intuition and intellect. The intuition he brings is more like concentration to bring clearer perception of spirit. Though such concentration he makes mediumship, astral projection and energy work happen more easily. Due to his native Saturn, he is also talented in teaching necromancy. He can also assist in improving physical health and fitness.

His personal effects bring calmness in stressful (heated) situations, increased productivity in less time, and strategic wit. He’s helped with concentration in college work. Working with him will bring many random small occurrences. Maybe meeting a unexpected person, receive small sums of cash, receive free items from sellers, quick shipping of packages, all of which happened to me shortly after contact. People of importance will look upon you as dignified and worthy, especially during interviews. They’ll also be generally less agitated towards you. At his will, all matters of hidden social dealings are revealed, along with reconciliation.

His offerings are ideally those of airy Saturn (Aquarius) with watery Pisces. Heavy smoke and fragrances, teal colors (turquoise), and polished surfaces. I’ve given sweet pipe tobacco with rum. His preferred offerings are usually pieces of things you receive from your dealings, encounters and successes. A worthy adviser and guide to those searching for clarity, focus, or willpower of any type. A new favorite of mine for his perseverance and mysterious elegance.