Seer is amazing, my experience + need suggestions

Thank You Mighty Seer! You are so powerful and amazing. I laud you! Guys, I want to share this story with you. Last month a dear friend of mine, who is a teacher, was accused by an evil teenager of beating this kid. This is TOTALLY untrue, he never touched anyone and this new generation kids are totally out of control, so the family sue my friend but they will cancel that if he gives them 8000 euros. The school in the meanwhile wanted to fire him. Everything was in stand by, he was waiting for news and yesterday still no news, he was suspended from school. I evoke Seer asking to bring a swift solution to this situation, didn’t say anything to my friend and 9pm, his lawyer called him saying school decided to keep him, as they understand he is a good person (parents of other kids collected signatures saying they want him). WOW. Seer you are the best! Now I have to solve the legal action as the teen went to the police, but he will cancel the suing if my friend pays 8000 euro to his mother. I contacted Belial (when this happened, last month) but things still are not solved in this legal point, if you have any suggestion about who/what to do, let me know :smiley: By now, THANK YOU AMAZING LORD SEER! You are truly AMAZING!


any update on this

Nope, unfortunately Italian legal process in this case is super slow. Will post updates hopefully soon!

After 1 year I have finally updates! The legal question ended very well for my friend, he kept his job and the kid that lied about being beaten up actually got attacked and beaten up very badly by some random guys on the street!! Like perfect retaliation! Everything solved perfectly!


Perfect!!! Thanks for updating :bouquet: