Seeking mentor

Hi my name is Ally!

I already did my intro and am hoping to seek a mentor to guide me to baneful magick. As I’m new to balg, I’m unable to send a message.

Does anyone know if micah is still teaching? Or if anyone would guide me?

I’ve done Afew curses and am pretty solitary. I need more guidance :frowning:


I could teach you some things.

Not looking for an apprentice currently, but I could spare a bit of time to teach you. So long as you are willing to learn without taking shortcuts.


@Micah another Vader applicant has appeared


I am very willing. Do you have discord?

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What sort of guidance are you looking for? Typically, not too many people focus exclusively on baneful magick because it’s quite the opposite of the purpose of ritual.

Hmm… because I’ve been pretty solitary But for some reason, baneful is not my forte… so I’m hoping to learn more.

And furthermore Micah specialises in baneful.

I am seeking for mentor too, but English not my first language, my English understanding not good…

At the end of the day its your decision to decide whom is a fake and who is real. Some people think E.A. koetting is a complete joke but there are others who claim he is a real prodigy, the same thing happens with tarot readers, and reiki healers.

I attacked the forum before doubting some of the regulars. Micah´s godform or his defenses fucked me up pretty bad. I had also heard he was a fraud and joke from discord but instead of taking it at face value I actually asked the man and got to know him.

¨All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything , opposites are identical in nature yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled.¨ - Kybalion


Here OP I´d recommend this as a starting block for your endeavors into baneful magick, the skills and energies you use will prepare you for linking to other people´s astral bodies as well as their godforms. You can also start cursing/inflicting your will upon others using this technique.


Hiya OP! The only real prerequisite to performing baneful works is the discarding of your humanity during the ritual course. What I mean by this is that you have to put yourself in an abyssal state, a deep mode of consciousness where your entire existence focuses around one point: to manifest the curse. Think of like Zen+, because an unending, explicit focus of the mind on a particular goal can lead you to losing the sensation of your physical body. It’s better to leave out your emotional entanglement to the curse, and focus on it as something you want manifested. As this focus builds, you’ll feel all sorts of things, but I encourage you to not move until you recognize the feeling of being unable to move. When you can’t move out of pure baneful focus, your motion becomes a curse in and of itself- you build and sharpen detached energy to a weaponized point, which results in it becoming an invisible curse. You simply move as the vessel of force: if you want their head chopped off, put your body through the motions of it! If you’ve done this as well as possible, when you go to move your body and enact the curse, you won’t actually move your human form! You’ll have become a curse, and when you’ve expended all that energy, you’ll revert to normal. Have fun! :slight_smile:

@Titan.M was I one of the ones you tried to hit?


Ooh I intuitively did this nice to have confirmation.

No, but im sure if you are sensitive/honed in to baneful magick you may´ve felt it.

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You still looking for a mentor? I’d be happy to teach, seeing as I used to be one of the ones Micah got to be an instructor. Everyone always seemed to get good results with me but 🤷

But I’m alr his student lol

Let the people seek whomever they wish to have as their mentor. Some strange quarreling in here.


@Lady_Eva whoops! I was writing this as you moved the Micah stuff and didn’t see that you did; would you plop it there at your leisure? :slight_smile:

I agree! It’s pretty strange to see people try to persuade someone against following another member’s instructions, considering how open this place is supposed to be. Nobody is limited to one source of information, except by their own minds, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method- people have different abilities and requirements. Not believing someone is a personal problem, not theirs! :slight_smile:

Micah is a lot ‘realer’ than he lets on. :slight_smile:


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I’m good with this post staying here, it is sufficiently on-topic to the general concept of choosing a mentor to not be shitting up the topic like that other stuff did. :+1:


Hate to derail a thread but since I’m still a basic user, I can’t send any pms. If you’re still open to mentoring, I would love to be a student.