Seeking input for a specific 72 Angels of Magick request wording

Greetings all, tomorrow night I am commencing another 11 day round of Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick.
But this is the first time I’ve used this process for a request for a third party. I’m finding it much harder to structure the wording for a third party request than a self oriented request. I’m following the structure advised in the book, but the example Brand gives is built in a way better suited to requests for the self. One example being the bit where you commit to doing your work towards the goal in the mundane. In this particular case there is nothing I can really do in the mundane to work towards the goal.

So I’m hoping to get some thoughts on this from others familiar with the method in this book.
The situation is that a good friend of mine is set to deploy her second progeny in about six months and she is very much hoping to buy a house to suit their needs before then (she’s told me what shes after and her price range, as you will see reflected below). But the housing market is not very buyer friendly here at the moment.
She is very important to me and I would very much like to help her succeed in this.
She does not know that I practice and will never know about this working.

Note that I will also be constructing a servitor to assist with the objective as well.

My current draft of the wording is as below:

"I call on thee, powerful Yelahiah (YELL-AH-EE-AH), who has the power to manifest objects.

It is my will that my friend [name] and her partner [name] find a four bedroom house with a decent sized living room, in a relatively quiet area near central [city name], which they can buy for less than [price], before the birth of their second child.

I have a great desire to help my friend obtain this home that is so important to her, to give her this gift as part of my appreciation of her friendship.

I ask you to guide her to this house and help her to purchase it easily and affordably.

I ask for this manifestation and I feel the change you can bring as you guide her to her happy new home.

I will continue to be an encouraging and caring friend to her, and I let go of all hope and confusion, for I know that you can bring me what I need.

I seal this command with the word of power: Ah-Rah-Ree-Tah.

As you angels have come in peace, go in peace. It is done."

Any recommendations from people acquainted with this particular book and its process design would be greatly appreciated. This objective is very important to me and want to be sure that I am giving it the best chance of success.