Seeking input for a specific 72 Angels of Magick request wording

Greetings all, tomorrow night I am commencing another 11 day round of Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick.
But this is the first time I’ve used this process for a request for a third party. I’m finding it much harder to structure the wording for a third party request than a self oriented request. I’m following the structure advised in the book, but the example Brand gives is built in a way better suited to requests for the self. One example being the bit where you commit to doing your work towards the goal in the mundane. In this particular case there is nothing I can really do in the mundane to work towards the goal.

So I’m hoping to get some thoughts on this from others familiar with the method in this book.
The situation is that a good friend of mine is set to deploy her second progeny in about six months and she is very much hoping to buy a house to suit their needs before then (she’s told me what shes after and her price range, as you will see reflected below). But the housing market is not very buyer friendly here at the moment.
She is very important to me and I would very much like to help her succeed in this.
She does not know that I practice and will never know about this working.

Note that I will also be constructing a servitor to assist with the objective as well.

My current draft of the wording is as below:

"I call on thee, powerful Yelahiah (YELL-AH-EE-AH), who has the power to manifest objects.

It is my will that my friend [name] and her partner [name] find a four bedroom house with a decent sized living room, in a relatively quiet area near central [city name], which they can buy for less than [price], before the birth of their second child.

I have a great desire to help my friend obtain this home that is so important to her, to give her this gift as part of my appreciation of her friendship.

I ask you to guide her to this house and help her to purchase it easily and affordably.

I ask for this manifestation and I feel the change you can bring as you guide her to her happy new home.

I will continue to be an encouraging and caring friend to her, and I let go of all hope and confusion, for I know that you can bring me what I need.

I seal this command with the word of power: Ah-Rah-Ree-Tah.

As you angels have come in peace, go in peace. It is done."

Any recommendations from people acquainted with this particular book and its process design would be greatly appreciated. This objective is very important to me and want to be sure that I am giving it the best chance of success.


Quick update if anyone’s interested.
Finished the 11th and final day yesterday.

Chatting to the friend in question. She just found a house for sale that meets all of the specified criteria. Funny thing: It had been out of their price range parameter. But a couple of days prior the sellers dropped the price. Its now 0.6% under the amount specified in the ritual.

I take this as a pretty promising indicator that things are on track. Never seen something from this ritual show movement so quickly
Of course I won’t officially count it as a success until its bought.


This had to be the most hilarious description of pregnant/due to give birth that I’ve ever seen! :rofl:

I think you’re over thinking it. I’m sure she wants this exact house, but If you limit it to the number of bedrooms and sizing it may be harder.

I’d instead ask for a house comfortable sized and priced for her family. I don’t know if I’d even specify location- it could be anywhere nearby and she accidentally stumbles upon it and the games entirely changed.

Edit: Dang it never mind. I shoulda read the second first, I thought this was new and that was an update to your wording choice! Sorry!

Yes sounds promising so good work! It may still not work out- don’t call it a loss.

The first thing that comes up right after you do a ritual isn’t always a match. Sometimes it’s just like the energy getting started up, and the next one that comes up is the match.

So don’t be discouraged if this isn’t the house, I’m sure it’s out there and the magic jist had to align it all.

And maybe it is and they close on, move etc quickly and efficiently.

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Very good points.

Ah yes, the criteria in that paragraph actually came from her. When she was talking about her house hunt she was telling me about what she was looking for. So I asked her what the her most important criteria were, the make or breaks if you will. She specified the number of bedrooms, size of living room, location, that it not be too noisy and the upper price limit.
So I figured that given these were her top priorities in what she was looking for, I would specify those.
But I see your point, perhaps she would change her view of priorities if she found the right house.

I’m hoping this all works out for her in a way that gives her something just right for her. Shes good people.

I’m well known for my unconventional utilisation of language. It does often mean that people don’t really know what I’m talking about of course.

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Oh I think she’ll get it anyways, so if I hadn’t blonded up and had checked the date I’d have realized that while yeah the perfect house would indeed fit and not matter if it’s exact, your want for her to have what she deserves is strong enough the exact wording probably won’t matter or limit it as much as it might for someone else.

Especially easy to see my error, now that you clarified it’s her words and your want is basically for her to get her desires/dream.

She might look at a few before it’s right, but I bet it will be a coininkydink like this one- something that wasn’t available or in the right range or that someone randomly mentions or she drives by, ya know?

I think you did good work here! I’m sorry for flubbing up and not date checking or readying it all first!

Oh I have this. I’ll be giggling like a school girl and everyone’s looking at me like I am a maniac.

I’m always thinking: really? Do you not get how this is hilariously thought out… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hey all, an update and a question. This worked very quickly, especially because this process is usually one that seems to take quite a bit of time.
She actually got a number of opportunities that matched her criteria, and had the rare (in this housing market) luxury of being able to pick and choose between them.

I am about to embark on another similar endeavour. This is for another friend (this one having deployed progeny about a year ago), needing to find a new home better suited to her family’s current needs.
She needs to sell her current domicile first. So my question: Would it be prudent to run this as two separate 11 day rituals? One to find a buyer for the first domicile and the second for the acquisition of her new one? Or should I roll them both into the same ritual?
I realise that breaking things down would ordinarily be the best avenue, but given that these two objectives are so closely linked I ponder if it would be fine to incorporate them into the single 11 day ritual?
I would be looking to engage with Yalahiah for both objectives

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