Seeking help and answers

Last night I was meditating trying to go into a trance and evoke Lucifer. It felt like I fell asleep but I was somewhat conscious. I felt a stillness and my ears ringing & I felt a high level of vibration. I felt my body trying to separate. At this point I got scared and pulled back when I was at the point of seeing what I was trying to see… The night before that I was asleep and a wave of heat came upon me, I felt a heaviness and all of a sudden my fan blew out. Lol I’m scary as fuck! Can someone tell me in detail the full experience of what I’m supposed to feel during trance going into evocation?


PM me. That is very, very good.


What you experienced the second night was the beginning of an Out of Body Experience. Ear ringing is normal. If you can resist the terror of leaving your body and not jump back in, that is how you astral travel. I’ve never resisted the terror when I had the opportunities :confused:
There are other planes besides the Astral and I believe you can choose which one you go to (someone correct me if I’m wrong), but the whole thing is generally referred to as Astral Travel. Anyways you will be in a non-corporeal dimension and it will be 100% easier to see entities there. Good luck!


Try not to resist the seperation, your soul or spirit is connected to your body with an anchor of sorts so try and relax and go with the flow rather than against it. You just need to remember you can re-attach at anytime. So once you convince yourself of that you will be fine :slight_smile: