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I’ve been searching the web for a direct answer can’t seem to find one but what is the purpose of why we use red string for pacts cord cutting binding ect.?

Use any color you like, it doesn’t really matter.

Often black is used for binding. The important part is what the color means to you. Red is usually associated with strong feelings, black with baneful intentions. I’ve used necklace chain before which is silver colored, jute which is brown but looks like rope, do what feels right for you.

We live in an unusual age, where things that were costly luxuries, or non-existent before, are easily available - yet that never stopped people in history doing magick. No medieval witch failed their curses because natural dyes don’t make bright red yarn, only synthetic ones do.
So if all you have in the house is some blue sewing thread or a bit of garden twine, use that, it’ll be fine.


The Red Cord is very important and has to do with securing different aspects. You can see almost every actor, popstar, singer has a red cord at their wrist. As a cord cutting ritual: you bind through a ritual the cord between target a and target b and than you cut the cord and say the Statement and close with: So it is done.


Thank you for your response I know our intentions is what matters however I’m the type of person who loves learning always so I was just interested on this topic because if Ive been wrong then I would correct that hail🤘

I’ve seen koetting use red when making demonic pacts so thanks for the information helps clear up some things much appreciated

So? I hadn’t noticed this myself, but in any case, a celeb being in a cult, and a celeb actually understanding magick and being a powerful mage are two very different things.

That’s great, but it’s not the best way to learn magick unless you just want an academic or historical anecdote list… My advice is, don’t make assumptions and don’t copy anybody for the sake of copying them. Try it, watch the patterns of energy yourself, and find out from a practical basis what works for you.

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That, I believe, is a symbol of the version of Kabbalah that is all the rage with celebrities, and has nothing whatsoever to do with cord cutting , binding, or demonic pacts. It is actually a talisman for protection and good luck in that specific tradition.