Seeking advice on Necromancy and Magick when you don’t have access to a graveyard?

I am researching necromancy and other magick that requires access to a graveyard at night. I currently don’t have a way of doing that due to circumstances. I have graveyard dirt I collected from a crossroad in a cemetery. My thoughts were to set it out at night and use it in substitute of actually being in a graveyard.

I am wondering if you have any advice, thoughts, or ideas.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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If you go there shamanic route it’s not necessary to use graveyards or dirt. There’s plenty enough ghosts around not in graveyards, and they come to you anyway.

A lot of the dead tend to hang out where they were alive, not in graveyards, so the remains are a link, but not an irreplaceable one. The name or any belonging will do just as well.


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Ive notice personally a graveyard near me, where the fence is set in from the property, meaning, I could be on the outside of the fence and get graveyard dirt.
Unfortunately for old school necromancers, we live in an age where it is now very risky to disturb the dead, not because of spirits but the law.
So, if you find dirt on the outside of the fence, who’s to say the fence wasn’t there x number of years ago, meaning that dirt is as valid as from a grave itself?
Humans have tilled and plowed the fields of the dead for centuries.
Which means, graveyard dirt should be fairly abundant.
I second the bit on shamanism.

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