Seeing things that are not here

This has been bothering me for a long time.
Like, even as a child. I would look at someone and instead of seeing their regular human like faces, I’d see something quite horrific. Then I would blink and it’s gone.
Sometimes, I would be looking at something then I would see insects or animals or anything really… and then I would blink and it’s gone.
Back to normal, everything.
One day I was looking at someone, we were talking and suddenly she started to yell at me. I was so disturbed because I couldn’t understand. Then I blinked and she was smiling at me in a really creepiiii way…

What could be the explanation for this?
Does this happen to anyone else here?
Is it my third eye?

Just a few days ago. I was in my room and my entire room was on fire. At first I thought I had seen a vision of some sort. But it was just that… my room on fire… Then it was back to normal.

Could be one of two things.
1.overactive imagination.
2.your seeing what people feel. That lady could very well have wanted to scream but put on a smile out of politeness.
The other things could be metaphorical representation of what they feeling and trying not to show.

Don’t know about the fire though, that part goes against the rest of the theory, unless it’s a fire hazard, without fire escapes unattended candles on alters or ripped up wires that need to get handled. It’s a stretch for the last part, try doing some divination on it if you can’t get a better answer.


Most likely energy.

When you saw your room on fire, most likely your room was filled with more fire energy, that caused you to see it on the astral using your senses.

When you saw the woman scream, you saw her emotional energy on the astral using your senses.

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It feels to me like seeing things for what they truly are. Having a glimpse of reality… I really hope I don’t sound craziii

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I don’t believe in doing divination for my own self… but yeah I guess i will find a way…
I just wanted to know that I was not the only one seeing such things…
Thanks for your insight.

The fire was not real… I could see the fire… But it was not real in this physical reality at least…

Craziness is subjective.

:grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have been working with fiery entities though…so it could be just that…

It sounds like what you saw is the lingering fire energies after the operations. If you dont cleanse and banish it will linger in thw surroundings. Which in some cases is a boon. As it give the fire spirits an atmosphere that works better for them. But if you work with other spirits you make wanna clean it out before hand.

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I never banish these beings because I work with them…it just seems kinda rude to banish them…

I thought I had seen hell :sweat_smile:
Wasn’t scary though

I was refering the the energies that linger after they leave. Kinda like an astral imprint. Your find the same kind of thing with people if they frequent the same places enough.

But as i said it can be used to your boon. Black magic of ahriman and a few other wlrks do this with darkness. I do it with planetary forces i am currently working with.

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Yeah moments of clarity… Seeing things for what they truly are. That’s what I keep thinking too.
It’s totally freaky. Like one moment you are having a normal conversation then you see weird things like that…

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I can remember as a kid sitting in churchin bored …and I could see a layer around each person I guess I was seeing their aura or something similar.
I would also know exactly what the preacher or speaker was going to say …I would finish what they were saying in my head before they said it. I don’t even know what that’s called lol.


I have had many encounters with the paranormal since i was a young girl Though I don’t remember anyone hurting me…
Just childish things like I would want something and people would get it… :smile:
I also saw some fairies and some black shadows… Though none of them ever hurt me

When I was a child, I would never go near just about everyone. I would always be wary of them and never touch them physically. I guess i could see their true intentions…

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Yeah I had that ability too… It’s mind reading… sometimes I still pick up a few sentences from ppls mind or a word or two…
I don’t know how to master that though…

Yes there used to be an old man that came to our family reunions …he would give the kids candy and stuff but I would never go near him.
Finally he asked me why wouldn’t have anything to do with him…I said because I don’t like you.

My mom could never figure it out…but come on old guy giving out candy to kids??? I think we can all see where that would have went…so glad I didn’t like him.
Kids pick up on things adults get immune too.


Yeah you are right… kids are way more intuitive. They don’t care if it’s polite or nor unlike us adults they trust their instincts first and foremost.

Believe me, I have been saved too many times as a child by my intuition.