Seeing the same number everywhere?

When I started getting seriously into magic, the number 666 kept popping up everywhere. It used to scare the hell out of me (haha, pun) because at the time, I only knew that number to be a scary Hollywood Biblical taboo number. I thought it was the angels sending me a dire warning. I never figured out why I kept seeing this sign, or why it was popping up at least 5 times a day.

It popped up again, and I’m still trying to find out why I’m seeing it.

Are there numbers that are special to you, that you keep seeing?

I would view this as a positive thing. It’s not that the number is appearing more often, but that you are noticing it. Your subconscious is working in the direction that you would like. Go with it!
A good comparison, that you may have experienced, is when you first discover a band that you really like but have never heard of before. Not just a band; maybe a book, movie, restaurant etc. After you discover that you like it, you start seeing it everywhere. That’s happened to me several times.
The other day I stooped at a liquor store and my change was $6.66. If that number is relevant to your life right now, you would notice it more. I’m not saying it’s not actually significant, just that it now means something that just a number to you.

Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

For about two years now i’m seeing 1111 2222 etc.This topic has been discussed previously here and in other forums as well.
Many theories,no one knows for sure what’s going on with this phenomena.And from what i saw it’s happening on a global scale.
I’ve tried once to do a call to whatever entity was behind this game,and everything went very bright.It was like an angelic presence without the hot energy.

I was just talking about this the other day but I forgot what post I put it under. Anyway for me, 333 has been my lucky see-it-everywhere number here lately.

Sorry I made a post about an old topic, everyone. I need to get better at keyword searches.

Did any of you figure out what the numbers are supposed to mean?

Dron, ever identify the very-bright entity?

[quote=“Salpinx, post:5, topic:5801”]Sorry I made a post about an old topic, everyone. I need to get better at keyword searches.

Did any of you figure out what the numbers are supposed to mean?

Dron, ever identify the very-bright entity?[/quote]
I can’t identify anything for the moment.I mean i can’t see or hear anything.Others are saying that they are your guardian angels and they want you to know that they’re guiding you.
In my case i experienced this brightness and something like waves of love.(i was in the kitchen having a smoke and coffee and i just said’‘i call those who are showing me these numbers’’.
And then i asked for money,bring me this and that,love is good but i have to cover my needs, etc.(lol)

It happens all the time, been guilty of doing that myself because on my end, the search function in this forum doesn’t work very well at all. It never returns the results I’m looking for and I’ve tried using it every possible way.

Still have not figured out what it means yet. I know what the number 3 alone means in numerology but 333, nothing that stand outs to me. I was talking about how the number 23 appears in movies all the time. I once read it may have had something to do with the Mayan calender, but the Illuminati conspiracy theorists are convinced it’s a subliminal message put there by them. When they made the movie about the number 23 with Jim Carrey, it only further fueled their fire and some crazy guy on youtube was saying it was a secret reference to Bohemian Grove and human sacrifice.

Even Miley Cyrus named a song 23 but she was a wearing a Micheal Jordan jersey in the video and his Chicago Bulls player number was 23 but of course that guy made a video saying that Miley was now part of the Illuminati.

Haha, Miley in the Illuminati. I have a hard time taking anything about Miley seriously.

There’s also supposed to be some sort of thing about clocks and the time 10:10. This one is easy though. In old days, when clock shops and watchmakers were a big thing, the shopkeepers would position clock arms to 10:10 because it makes the clock face look like it’s smiling. They believed that customers were prone to buy a happy-looking clock.

The number 666 has no personal symbolism to me, except to scare me. Old habits die hard, and seeing it takes me back to every supernatural thriller movie that kept me up at night. If I were to go by my reaction to the number 666, I’d take it as a dire warning that I’m about to get seriously hurt unless I stop what I’m doing. But I see this number most whenever I’m working magic, whether or not I’m working with demons. I don’t want to believe that 666 is a sign to stop practicing magic.

Haha, dron I like how you talk to your spirits. “Who are you? You love me. That’s nice. So give me money.”

Try growing up in the same area as her, her original hometown. That, and I guess the fact that my dad and a few of his co-workers were really good friends with her dad Billy Ray, didn’t help too much either. I was sort of friends with her back in the day. Of course when she started acting, we never saw each other much after that because fame tends to go to some peoples heads and they bathe in the lime light. Sometimes, I think I made a mistake by telling Miley when we were younger that I know she has a raging freak inside of her somewhere just daring to coming out. I told her that several years ago because I started showing my true metal head side and she was weirded out by it at first because she was trying to maintain her little good girl Hannah Montana act. When I said freak, this was not what I had in mind. Her dad is actually pretty apalled by her behavior these days, he asked one of the local churches to pray for her.

I would never consider 666 to be scary or unlucky, but 6 is one of my lucky numbers.

I started seeing the number 666 in random places quite frequently (3-4 days a week) and when I started to focus on it and embrace it started to happen even more. I’m pretty new to occult/ black magic but a lot of things are happening lately that’s confusing me a little. Wondering if anyone has input as to what this could mean or any other helpful tips for a beginner like myself. Thanks

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