Seeing the lotus mandala

Hi everyone. Quick question. So it came to my attention month or so ago, you know when you come out of basic meditation when you open your eyes you kinda blink a little. Well I noticed the out line of a lotus flower, a mandala. If I continue to flutter my eyes I can see it very clearly. Then it dissipates. It has a bright spot in n the middle, some times I can see something tiny in the middle. it happens when coming out of soul travel, evocation, telekinesis, or any time I engage the rapture or crossroad state. Any thoughts you have on this would be much appreciated.

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Stumped everyone? Yeah I’m stumped as well.

Symmetrical shapes made of light, sometimes. I wouldn’t call them lotus flowers, that sounds more like a superposition of your expectations. I wouldn’t get hung up on these images unless you also get an intuitive hit from them as well.

Yeah, the lotus is just what it looks like. I found an obscure mention of it in a PDF on tantric practices but it didn’t say much.

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My Own Experiences:

The colors and images you see are often indicators of the types of energies you picked up on during your trip. My suggestion to you, if it keeps popping into your head, is to draw it out in as much detail as you possibly can then place it on an altar in your home. In my experience, if an image doesn’t go away there is usually a reason behind it.

Something similar happened to me a few years back, and after I drew it out I would meditate on the symbol. I still don’t completely understand what it is, but when I did, I would enter into trance states very easily and receive information about the creation of sacred places and objects.


In the language of symbols, a dot in the center of a circular symmetrical design represents your place in the world around you. The dot is you… The fact that you can almost see something else inside the dot means there is more to this. It is possible that a new path is opening up for you. One that might lead to personal growth and discovery. The flower is indicative of the larger picture and the forces at work around you.

This is just a guess, but it’s possible you channeled some of the energy of Lakshmi. This is one of her MOs for contacting people. She is deeply intwined with the symbol of lotuses. She is the goddess of creating paths both physical and spiritual.

I’m curious if there were any colors involved…

In Three Lotus Philosophy:

Blue Lotus: Is the forest. It represents loss, becoming lost, and losing one’s self. Drifting away from the ego and what you thought you knew. It is the first step of a journey.

White Lotus: Is the womb of the world. It represents rebirth and the awakening to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Pink Lotus: Is the path. The pursuit of a newly discovered purpose and working toward a goal of great value and meaning.


Thanks for the info. This not like a normal vision. I only see it when I blink. The color is golden. Anyway it’s happens all the time so I guess it’s a permanent thing. Again thanks.

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In Buddhist cultures a yellow/gold lotus can indicate a type of enlightenment.

The yellow/gold lotus is also a plant native to North America. If I remember correctly it tends to be a native american symbol too. Not a lot of information on it though. A lot of native american lore has been lost over the years unfortunately. Let me know if uncover anything interesting though. I’ve been curious about this subject for awhile.

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I was watching some videos show simulated drug trips. What people see on dmt. They see geometric patterns and distortions of the world around them. I think I’m just accessing these level strictly through concentration. That would kinda mean that these states exist independently from the drug, and that the drug just opens us up to that level like a door way, cool stuff.

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OOH! DMT is one of my favorite topics. It is absolutely fascinating!!! It often causes these symmetrical type patterns and you absolutely CAN absolutely start to access these states without taking any drugs!

While DMT exists in a drug form derived from the plant psychotria viridis, an exact copy of the DMT molecule is also naturally produced by the brain. (There is no other plant in existence that can produce an exact chemical copy of any biological molecule in the brain.) It is responsible for absolutely extraordinary phenomena! In a study not too long ago, it was shown that the brains of spiritualists and holy-men tend to produce larger amounts, furthermore these types of brains produce a rare form of EEG activity known as “Gamma Waves”.

DMT is a hallucinogen directly responsible for dreams. During the period of time when you dream it regulates your brain’s immune system, heals your brain, maintains mental youth, and helps downregulate and process trauma. Its possible that it could prevent the damage of stroke or even the diseases caused by aging brains like Alzheimer’s.

The largest dose of DMT your brain will ever produce is when you are on the verge of dying. Some believe it acts the key for the doorway between this world and the next. Its thought to play a role in astral projection and out of body experiences.

In a study done not to long ago scientists put neurons (AKA brain cells), in a vacuum chamber for 6 hours and sucked all the oxygen out. The neurons that received a significant dose of DMT had a ~70% cell survival, while the neurons that didn’t had a ~20% cell survival. Even more impressive is they believe these numbers should improve drastically with the smallest levels of oxygen. In short, DMT can keep your brain alive long after your heart has stopped. It has the potential to re-create a biblical style resurrection.

Wow thanks for the insight and vast knowledge.