Seeing spirits

Can someone please tell me how to go about crystal gazing to see spirits and hear them?


Well, first you need to develop your clairvoyance and clairaudience. Clairvoyance is to see spirits and clairaudience to hear them. There are various threads on the forum to go about doing this. Also, please use the search function. :+1:


What chakras are of Hearing and seeing? Third eye and throat chakra?


Yes, Ajna and Vishuddha. Besides concentrating on their spots and using bija mantras, there would also be (for example) the chakra incantation which Micah wrote on this forum, and the Astarte’s video by Enoch Petrucelly.


That’s the usual misconception, the clairs aren’t limited to the major chakras, the majors aid it, but people too often forget they have minor chakras. However, there are those who don’t believe in chakras who still work their clairs.

When working your clairs you don’t focus on the chakras at all, you just practice sensing/hearing/feeling/etc the chakras simply improve as you do those things. Clairvoyance can be worked out by learning to scan be it objects, your area, yourself, someone else, and so forth.

Clairaudience is the same way since all energy makes some kind of sound/vibration/thrum/whatever, you do that by learning to hear the energy around you, hear your own energy or the energy of others. You do not need to focus on the chakras themselves at all.


And How i Scan someone and hear the energy of others? What exercises do you recommend? I have struggles to hear and see spirits


Thank you

Thank you - very helpful - I still have a long path to discover.

You can take one of two paths …
Ceremonial Magic/Psychicism - The Golden Dawn has a section on Clairvoyance.
BALG - Evoke a particular spirit to aid in Clair senses.

There are several tutorials on this topic. Energy Work, Spirit Communication, Astral Senses.

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uh what?

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The book The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, Psyschic Self Defense by Dion Fortune, or WE Butlers How to Develop Clairvoyance are ceremonial magic book methods of how to see outside our nirmal range and how to protect ourselves.

The BALG method is to find spirits, Goetic or otherwise, angelic or otherwise on how to develop these, Ghob and Paralda might help; and evoke them.

There are other methods, but these are two paths I see largely here.

@Yif posted the question on how to go about crystal gazing to see and hear spirits, if Im not mistaken, and someone replied on clair senses. I dont have any clair abilities however, and medications I take hamper them, so there must be other methods. Meditation on Tattwas? Black Mirror?
But crystal gazing steps, I am interested in an answer on that as well.


Oops, just noticed this was from 2018

Its ok, I needed it anyway. Even with old threads I suppose its good to answer someone is always searching the forum

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What is as above so below?


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Law of correlation