Seeing Spirits Ghosts phantoms

From the time I began crawling and uttering bits of words, until I was about 13 years, I could see the smokey silhouettes of the dead. They’ve only ever appeared to me in that sort of hazing foggy form, but formed. As I child I’d mention it to my elders, whom either brushed it off or advise I ignore them. At 13 I saw a small girl who I thought was my sister, until she vanished into the floor before my eyes. A few other small events and fear of the unknown caused me to start prowling the internet for a remedy for my eyes and their ability to see “too much” I followed a wiki-how, on how one might shield themselves from such things. Basically, I was to lay on my back and imagine this glowing white orb of light rising out from my forehead, as I recall, then elongate said orb of energy the length of my body, then letting it encapsulate my entire self. Then off to bed. After that, i never witnessed face to face another foggy entity, not without drugs but that was years later. I would see random things in my peripherals but nothing that couldn’t be chalked up to eye floaters, shadows of the physical. I could only feel something in the room or place. They’d occasionally take advantage of my curiosity and guide me around. I’ve also heard them, but only ever whisper my nickname, or call my first name. Which could easily be dismissed by simply leaving it unacknowledged. Oh, I also had powerfully suggestive dreams. Almost warning, or plausible possibilities. That’s just my brains intuition, basic subconscious calculations. Finally, my question, how do I get my gift back? How do I turn it back on? As I child, fear bothered me, I didn’t understand it’s value or what it was physiologically. I know if I saw some of the things I did then, I’d likely be a bit startled, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still wanna see them, acknowledge them. Hell lend them my Body of they need lol. Any help

With practice + start using them again with consciously. BALG is a very good place where you can learn about how you can empower your senses and strengthen your abilities.

Normally, sensing their presence, seeing entities is a natural ability of humans (or even animals), but as every skills in your life, if you forget about using it or it being blocked, will fade.


Let me wake up a little and I will DM you. I did this and I have in blocked too. In my late teens I had enough and wanted to be “normal” so I closed off as much as I could to the point I couldn’t even see auras. I always sensed I never figured out how to block that but I did stop hearing and seeing. I can actually help you unblock with some of what I have done and know what to do now if you would like.

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You can attempt this, if you want. Fill yourself with a white/gold light, not real strong, just there, ( positive energy ).
Then invite the spirits in.
The positive energy should keep out anything negative. If anything negative shows up, just visualize the light around and in you getting stronger, brighter.
There is always risk of course.

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I’d greatly appreciate any guidance and advice you have to offer! Thank you for being here.

It seems to me that what you did in following this Wikihow was, essentially, to begin screening your calls. As an especially sensitive person, spirits might flock to you because they know the line is open. Once you make it plainly clear that it isn’t, most of them will take the hint and stop bugging you.

So, all you need to do it peel that capsule back. Might take some time and practice if it’s been so long that that enclosed space has become a reflex, but you ought to be able to close your physical senses, step into your energy body, and take the wall down.

If it helps you to visualise it as adjusting your answering machine, great. If you want to return to the image of that glowing capsule of white light, fine. But it sounds like there’s nothing to get back- your gift never went away, you just trained yourself to stop listening.

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That visualization is actually extremely helpful, that whole thing really help put things into perspective.

You’re very welcome!

I think it’s not uncommon to find, with a little digging, that the blockages in front of us are totally our own creation.

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You mentioned closing my physical senses, and the sleep paralysis phenomena popped in my mind. I’ve experienced it maybe a few times, never with the sinister undertones I’ve heard it described with. My mental feels present in my body, but my body feels inaccessible. Initially reacting, it’s frightening, standing too close to the elephant, but stepping it seems like a optimal lab space.

When I teach people to move and use energy, I start with that as an exercise, long before energy constructs or anything of the sort. If you can’t feel and manipulate your own subtle body, then how are you supposed to touch the subtle body of anything else?

It’s worth it settling into yourself and just feeling. Sense where your fingertips end, and a few inches beyond it. Feel where your aura ends, and move it. Clench your energetic fingers without moving the physical ones. Focus on your breathing until you begin to tune your breath out, and then forget that you’re breathing.
All steps that everybody who has ever left their body has taken, but not enough people actively notice that they’re doing.

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Hi- can you help me too please

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Yea sure, are you able to DM?

Idk how! I’ve been looking!

It’s because of your level. Give me 10 mins and I will dm You.

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Thanks :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

Good evening, I’m terribly sorry, however I seemed to have left you completely unacknowledged. I didn’t have the clearest of minds then, I was kind of go go go go. I revisited the post and noticed you’re reply and I would love any information you could pass on.

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Sure send me a DM.