Seeing Smoke and Other Things While Practicing Scrying

Firstly, let me say these things are outside of the mirror. While all of my attempts have not been as spectacular as the first two nights I tried it (beginners luck?), I do see mists and glowy patches and other things in the mirror. What has me most fascinated and puzzled is what I’m seeing around me.

I know from reading that scrying can and does cause things to manifest outside of the mirror. What I’ve been seeing are orbs, usually dark in color, spots of light in random places that fade in, then fade out, shadows that move, but more than anything, smoke.

In my first post after scrying for the first time, I mentioned this smoke, and the possibility it was from the incense. It’s not. I validated this accidentally about a week ago. I was setting up for my ritual with a candle burning, and nothing more. I was just kind of staring at my mirror, not really trying to scry, when tendrils of smoke started drifting in from my right. I got a little excited, as this showed me the smoke wasn’t from my incense, and my candles produce no smoke, either. It begins appearing when my eyes become unfocused to very unfocused. Sometimes it appears to be flowing out of the mirror, but mostly comes in from the side, and may drift in front of the mirror.

A week or so back, one tendril came in from the right, made a turn towards me, and came right at my face, causing me to reflexively jerk my head back. A couple of nights ago, before I had really started, it came in from my left shoulder, moved across my body, and as it passed by my right ear, I could hear it as a hum, like a largish house fly would make flying by your ear, but slightly lower in pitch. So it does seem to interact with me to some degree.

I’m not frightened or freaked in the least by this, but I am very curious as to what it is. In fact, at this point, even in daylight, if I defocus my eyes, I can see it faintly. This may be some natural ocular phenomenon, but I’ve never experienced it before, and I would have noticed. We’re not talking something faint or barely there. It’s very much like seeing smoke come off of an incense stick or cone, it’s that vivd and “real”.

If anyone can shed some light on this, or just has an opinion, I’d be interested in hearing them. I have mine, but I’d like to know what others think.

Sounds like you are seeing darkness. I started seeing that black smoke everywhere after doing the darkness exercises in the WOD book. Sometimes it looks white, other times black. I see it all the time now when scrying both inside my mirror and outside around me in my room. I can also see it in daylight if I become aware of it and relax my eyes, not really focusing on anything.

Cool. Nice to know someone else has the same experience. FWIW, it’s always white smoke, for me. Now, what do I do with it, lol?

Try breathing it in.

Try breathing it in.[/quote]

Oh yeah, try breathing it in. Allow the white smoke (in your case) to enter your body. When breathing inward, big deep breaths, imagine the smoke entering your mouth and lungs. Hold your breath after inhaling for about 10 secs. and imagine the smoke stays inside of you when you breathe, in other words, the smoke is stuck inside of you and does not come out when you exhale. I feel amazing when I do that, so many sensations take over me all at once, and all feel good. Repeat the breathing in smoke until you feel like your body is full of it. Just be careful if you decide to give in and let it fully “take” you once inside you. I can’t really say here, it’s personal, but some pretty crazy shit can start happening if you give in to it and let it take control.

Oh and, just a little warning, when you do this exercise there tends to be an entity that manifests around you and he gets right up in your face, I mean right up in your personal space, nose to nose sometimes. He is not malicious but he is just very nosey, observing your every move until you forget about him being there, then he goes away. He will show up about the first 3-5 times you do this exercise.

Interesting. That never happened to me, but I have an acquaintance who had a very similar experience to what you’re describing. Roll the dice and take your chances, I guess!

Oooohhh, that’s me! Raven, would you mind describing the entity you saw? If you’d rather not on the public forum, feel free to pm away.

Claidheam, I pm’d you

This is what I experience at first. Then I begin to see scenes with my eyes open but not thru my eyes lol almost like dreaming your not unconscience but it seems as if you are very neat you really understand the meaning of seeing thru your third eye. Unfortunately I can only hold it for about 20 mins before snapping out of the trance